Tours of France

With our private luxury tours, we introduce you to authentic France. France is the largest country in Western Europe, the complete composition of charming cities, vast plains, the alps and beautiful coasts. In France, you may discover divine art, food and fashion. Uncover the intrigue of iconic artists, designers, writers and musicians, as many visit France to be inspired.

As for the weather, the climate is temperately cool in most of France; especially near the mountains or in the northeast, known for cold winters and cool summers. The exception: Southern France, which is delightfully warm, with mild winters and hot summers – ideal any time of the year.

The team at Lugos Travel can introduce you to everything France has to offer. Select the travel experience you want and leave all the planning to our concierge travel experts.


Over 100 years later, honor the sacrifices given on the Western Front by walking in the footsteps of WWI soldiers. Learn the stories of refugees, the history of battle and the aftermath war had through Belgium and France. Follow the Front Line in this educational tribute to truly understand the War to End All Wars.

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WWII – Normandy Stands

History. Elegance. Art. War. Love.
Experience it all on this WWII, 75th Anniversary-inspired tour. Designed to recreate memories lost, this custom tour guides you to the coast of Normandy, to learn the history of allied invasions of 1944. This education in history showcases the beauty of France, hosted on D-Day beaches.

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Small Town Alps Skiing

Experience the authenticity of small-town skiing in the French Alps. Staying in a town just one hour from the Geneva airport, once you land in France you’ll be skiing or snowboarding in no time. Perfect for any occasion, this lowkey tour will win your heart with iconic views and scenic slopes.

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The Valleys – Ski Paradise

Take on this luxury ski experience with nearly unlimited snow in the Rhône-Alpes. This exclusive tour includes many refined activities and a few unconventional ones. Fun for the romantic couple, small family gathering, or ski enthusiast.

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Life Well Lived

Enchanté, the City of Love awaits you. As the country’s capital city, Paris offers countless iconic attractions: the breathtaking Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palais Garnier and The Louvre. This handcrafted tour invites you to discover classic France. Delight in French culinary pleasures and stay in an 18th Century Manor. Indulge in Paris, appreciate the island of Mont St. Michel and have French wine in Loire Valley. Live life well.

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