Tours of Belgium

Belgium holds a special place in our hearts as it encapsulates Europe in nearly every way. You’ll find it easy to navigate as the towns are well laid out and ready to explore. The food and beverages are excellent, and it’s nice to be able to speak English everywhere. We think the architecture, culture and art makes the trip worthwhile and with smaller crowds than many other European destinations it will lend to a more personal touch that will bring you back again and again. Let Lugos Travel introduce you to this fascinating country with our custom travel tours to Belgium.

Flowers in Spring

This vibrant, custom travel tour takes you through Europe from Paris to Amsterdam, through the heart of Belgium. We have included a few surprises along the way to make this tour exciting, relaxing, scenic, and historic. It’s our favorite way to show you the many splendors of Europe and highlight beautiful Belgium.

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A Taste of the Times

Belgium is a time capsule of medieval architecture, history, and art. Explore the prideful culture within the community of Flanders. Travel to the diamond center of the World and explore the home of Flemish masters, new and old, in Antwerp. On to Ghent, the beautiful city of canals and world famous artwork. Then, a preserved fairy tale land – Bruges, and its mystical wonder. Find yourself in a world unlike any you’ve seen before in Belgium, a true melting pot of European culture. You can experience all of this when you have Lugos Travel plan your VIP travel tour for you. We leave no detail undone; this will be the travel experience of a lifetime – we guarantee it! It’s time you visited Belgium – Lugos Travel’s concierge travel services can make it happen for you!

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