Luxury Redefined

The Best Tour Services You’ll Ever Find

At Lugos Travel, we have looked for opportunities to ensure your tour is the best. Period. We offer services not often found at any other agency worldwide, and consider our standard-level service to be the highest standard.

We provide beginning-to-end support to bring the World of luxury travel to you and your family.

Our dedicated agents can answer any question and explain our options. We know you demand excellence. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, from start to finish.



Take the worry away. Every part of every package has been meticulously crafted to highlight the best. We did all the work to make it easy for you!

Our standard package is outstanding. Every tour includes upgraded rooms, amazing tours, and an authentic touch, designed to highlight the cultural bests. Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler.

Additional options let you customize your tour towards your tastes; perfect for foodies, an in-depth look at the culture, those in need of a rest, or adrenaline junkies.

Check out our options at the bottom of each tour.

Private Transportation

Vacations should start when you leave your house, not when you arrive at your destination. All Lugos Travel trips come with standard round-trip pick-up and drop-off service from your home with private transportation, standard gratuity included.

We don’t stop there, including private transfers throughout your journey. English-speaking, and helpful letting you take ease and enjoy your surroundings.

Professional Tour Guides

When it’s time to go out and explore we ensure you have a real professional at your side to show you the way. All tours include skip-the-line access (where available) so that you can tour the whole of the Vatican in four hours.

Our English-speaking guides are not just licensed in their field, but often carry additional qualifications and expertise designed to entertain and educate.

We adapt our tours and guides to your personality and likes and never rush you through the day. Each tour comes with standard gratuity included, and delightful surprises set along the way.


Vacation pictures tend to be great for Facebook, but not so much for your living room. Our photography package will change that. We hire professional photographers at two separate spots during your vacation designed to produce candid moments of you being you and not worrying about getting the next great shot.

Moments captured, and you never have to hand your phone or camera to a stranger, or ask them to go to the far side of the lake for the perfect shot.

Upon your return we will send you an album put together by our design team, and you receive all digital stills, with rights.

Amenities Package

This is more than a vacation and much more than the sum of its parts. We constantly look for opportunities to immerse you daily. Want to know more? We’d love to tell you but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Each day we will make sure you have a little something that originates from where you are, and shows you yet another side of your destination.

You deserve more, you demand more. With Lugos Travel, you get more.

Itinerary Package

Each tour comes with our customized itinerary, carefully crafted to be a useful guide and a valued keepsake. Each book is unique, fits in any front or back pocket, and won’t call attention to yourself as a tourist.

We also ensure that your phone won’t die mid-day with personal chargers, and individual sockets so you can charge everything each night.

Rounding out the package are leather luggage tags for each passenger, wrapped in a box and sent to your home.

Offset Carbon Emmissions

Luxury International travel carries with it an undue burden on carbon emissions. Lugos Travel, in conjunction with analyzed each tour for its carbon footprint – and then we offset 200% of that. For all tours.

That’s right, all tours offset twice the carbon emissions used in any tour Enjoy your trip, and with Lugos Travel you’ll take care of more than the couple next to you. You’re a citizen of the World, now you just need your passport.


Lugos was the ancient god of all arts and the protector of all travelers in ancient Gaul. We take safety seriously.

Standard with all International departures, we register each passenger with the US State Department. Should anything major arise, it’s good to know your country is looking out for you and knows where and how to find you.

Additionally, Lugos Travel strongly recommends travel insurance protection, and is happy to help arrange it for all passengers. We use TravelGuard Gold Protection, but allow many other insurance policies of similar protection.