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Located southwest of Sri Lanka, in the refreshing, vibrant blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives islands embody true escape.

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Defined by its wide variety of exotic marine life, its comfortable climate which includes clear skies and sunny times, and inescapable pure, white sand beaches, this small chain of islands is a big deal. The Maldives is a true sweet spot for the romantic couple’s thrilling getaway, the frantic family in need of a relaxing vacation, or the other many reasons we all deserve a piece of time in paradise. Slow down and savor – this travel experience was meant for you! Lugos Travel can create it for you, down to the smallest detail. Go ahead; you deserve it!

Romantic Island Life

9 Days
Welcome to a private island of tranquility. Island Romance invites you to the Maldives, where the crystal blue waters await you. Relax on your nearby beach with all-inclusive luxury service. Snorkel with turtles and colorful fish above the coral reefs, and explore natural gems surrounding you on land. Fall in ...
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Paradise in the Maldives

9 Days
The perfect balance of relaxation and excitement can be discovered in Paradise Found. Whether embracing intimate spas surrounded by natural beauty or spending your days under the gentle sun and tranquil seas of the Maldives, this tour offers you the unique ability to explore a tranquil setting. Spend all day ...
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