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With our private luxury tours, we introduce you to authentic France. France is the largest country in Western Europe, the complete composition of charming cities, vast plains, the alps and beautiful coasts. In France, you may discover divine art, food and fashion. Uncover the intrigue of iconic artists, designers, writers and musicians, as many visit France to be inspired.

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As for the weather, the climate is temperately cool in most of France; especially near the mountains or in the northeast, known for cold winters and cool summers. The exception: Southern France, which is delightfully warm, with mild winters and hot summers – ideal any time of the year.

The team at Lugos Travel can introduce you to everything France has to offer. Select the travel experience you want and leave all the planning to our concierge travel experts.

Paris, Loire Valley, & Mont St. Michel

9 Days

Paris is famous for its bustling museums and galleries, top cuisine, beautiful architecture and chic fashion. Paris’ landmarks are among the most recognizable in the world: The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles and The Louvre. From its iconic cafés to famous monuments, the city of love has so much to …

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WWI – A Tribute to the Western Front

10 Days

Over 100 years later, honor the sacrifices given on the Western Front by walking in the footsteps of WWI soldiers. Learn the stories of refugees, the history of battle and the aftermath war had through Belgium and France. Follow the Front Line in this educational tribute to truly understand the War to End All Wars.

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WWII – Normandy Stands

12 Days

Experience it all on this WWII, 75th Anniversary-inspired tour. Designed to recreate memories lost, this custom tour guides you to the coast of Normandy, to learn the history of allied invasions of 1944. This education in history showcases the beauty of France, hosted on D-Day beaches.

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Small Town Alps Skiing

8 Days

Haute-Savoie – France Overview Experience authenticity of skiing in Haute-Savoie, a small-town in the Alps of eastern France. Located in the Mont-Blanc mountain range, just one hours’ drive from the Geneva airport, you will be on the slopes in no time. The area has over 50 miles of ski-able pistes …

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The Valleys – Ski Paradise

8 Days

Rhône-Alpes, France Overview Welcome to the Ski Paradise of the Valleys of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Famous as one of the largest ski-able areas in the world, with over 190 miles of piste in the beautiful mountain range of southeast France, bordering Italy and Switzerland. Go-kart race through the flurrying snow and …

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