Tours of Belgium


Belgium encapsulates Western Europe, as the headquarters of the European Union, with preserved medieval towns and Renaissance architecture. The towns are easy to navigate, with smaller centers and fewer tourist crowds. The food and beer are legendary, plus it’s nice to be able to speak English everywhere you visit. The architecture, culture and art make the trip worthwhile, and may bring you back again and again. We specialize in the Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north – let Lugos Travel introduce you to this fascinating region with our custom travel tours to Belgium.

Brussels, Ghent & Bruges

8 Days

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is a very unique city that boasts an astounding blend of different architectures and cultures. Ghent, once the largest city in medieval Europe, now well known for its large public squares and marketplaces. Bruges, has most of its medieval architecture intact, making it one of …

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Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges

9 Days

Belgium is a time capsule of medieval architecture, history, and art. Explore the prideful Flanders culture within the community of northern Belgium. Travel to the diamond center of the World and explore the home of Flemish masters, old and new, in Antwerp. On to Ghent, the beautiful city of canals …

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