You Deserve the Utmost in Luxury Ireland Travel

This is not your parent’s vacation to Ireland! Luxury travel with a dedicated concierge is truly a world apart from what you may have experienced in the past. Instead of being crammed onto a huge tour bus and seeing only half of the scenery — depending on whichever side you’re sitting on — you’ll enjoy a truly bespoke holiday unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The travel experts at Lugos Travel specialize in making your luxury Ireland vacation the dream trip you desire.

The Emerald Isle Is, Indeed, Green

Be prepared to see shades of green you’ve only imagined in your dreams. Rolling hills undulate with nature’s beauty, dotted with small herds of fluffy white sheep. Don’t be surprised to find “sheep marking spray paint” in the local market because owners literally spray paint their sheep with a custom color and design.

Our Lugos Travel “Classic Journey” will take you to London, England, then to Edinburgh, Keith, Kyle of Lochalsh, & Boat of Garten, Scotland, and Belfast. You’ll arrive in Ireland in the most spectacular way — traveling on a luxury ferry, complete with a spa and cocktail lounge. 

Private Concierges

Shane Mahoney, founder and chief “adventurer” at Lugos Travel, believes everyone deserves the ultimate luxury — a vacation you don’t have to plan. With just a few simple steps to find out your wish list, his team will spring into action and make it happen. Your bespoke journey will begin when you’re whisked off to the airport for your flight. A dedicated chauffeur will meet you at your destination. If you have any questions, issues, or change of plans, an experienced Lugos Travel concierge will take care of you twenty-four hours a day. In addition, a keepsake heirloom-quality bound itinerary will be presented to you with everything you need.

No Need For Fake Smiles

Ever wonder what it’s like to be followed by paparazzi? To help preserve your amazing memories, Lugos Travel can hire professional photographers to capture candid pictures of you and your travel companions enjoying your vacation. Prepare to be dazzled by the gorgeous photographs that reflect the real smiles, laughter, and joy-filled faces of you and your loved ones that are taken in paradise. No “cheesy” staged photos are allowed; just pure happiness as you completely immerse yourself in the moment.

A luxury Ireland vacation is also a great gift to give your loved ones. Lugos Travel has seen a steep rise in intergenerational travel, with grandparents, parents, and children all enjoying the sights and expanding their worldviews. By unplugging the kids, they’ll get a chance to hear about the lives of their grandparents, and maybe even get a few life lessons thrown in there for good measure! (Wifi is available in most locales, but you don’t have to tell the kids that. They will survive!)

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The world is changing daily, and everyone is looking forward to getting out and exploring new destinations. You cannot go wrong with our British/Scottish/Irish Classic Journey, or any other Lugos Travel vacation. We truly do redefine that word: you’ll arrive home refreshed, relaxed, and ready to book your next Lugos Travel adventure!

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