Why You Should Travel Alone to Greece

The beauty of Greece’s clear, blue waters, historic sites, mouthwatering cuisine, and friendly people make it a romantic paradise. While many couples visit Greece on honeymoons or anniversary vacations, there’s no reason you can’t experience luxury travel to Greece alone. Solo travel can be very freeing and allows you to treat the most important person in your life—you—to a wonderful adventure you’ll never forget.

Luxury Travel to Greece is Worth the Time

Busy people often don’t have time for a social life, never mind planning luxury vacations to Greece. Lugos Travel can help. Our tours are renowned for the focus we bring to each tiny detail. We handle everything. All you need to do is pack your bags and get on the plane! 

Lugos Travel’s 13-day tour of Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens is perfect for the solo traveler. With 4-star-plus accommodations, breakfast every morning, and all your transportation needs covered, you can’t go wrong. We even offer 24-hour concierge service. 

A Solo Vacation Doesn’t Mean You’re Always Alone

Just because you’re traveling by yourself doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. Engage with other solo travelers in some destinations and luxuriate in blissful solitude in others. 

The sun is always shining in Santorini, so bring your pool and beach attire. Don’t forget the sunscreen! A five-hour semi-private Caldera Sunset Cruise on a catamaran in Santorini allows you to have drinks and a BBQ with fellow travelers. You’ll have time to socialize and see the gorgeous landscapes from the water. The day after your cruise is reserved for relaxation and leisure time with your new friends. Or read a book by the pool instead.

Meeting other people is easier than you think at the party resorts of Mykonos, and you’ll have a great time during your three-night stay in that city. You’ll get a private tour of Delos and then a day to relax and do as you please. The best part of traveling alone is making decisions for you, with no compromising for someone else. Of course, Lugos Travel helps with the big decisions, so you can relax and let your vacation take you where it should.

Eating in Greece is One of Life’s Truest Pleasures

Olives, gyros, fresh fish, grilled meats, taramasalata, moussaka—the traditional foods of Greece are simple yet extravagant. You won’t go hungry in this country; Lugos Travel makes sure of that. While every breakfast is covered on your trip, we’ve left it to you to choose where to make dinner reservations. Of course, our luxury travel professionals will provide recommendations for the best spots to grab a quick bite while sightseeing or enjoy a leisurely brunch. Welcome and farewell dinners are included at Greece’s top restaurants, as are treats on some tours.

Book Your Solo Luxury Travel to Greece Now

Lugos Travel is your expert tour concierge for luxury travel. Dream of the possibilities for a solo traveler on a luxury vacation to Greece. Then contact us to plan that dream. We’ll help make your solo vacation the experience of a lifetime!

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