What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Romantic Maldives Getaway

Have you been dreaming of taking a romantic Maldives getaway? Maybe you’ve seen pictures of their signature (and very private) over-water bungalows. Or maybe you’ve heard it’s one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations, attracting celebrity couples and even royalty. Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives may feel like a complicated destination to include in your travel planning, but armed with the right information before you go, they are absolutely accessible and offer one of the best luxury travel experiences in the world. 

Here’s what you need to know before booking your romantic Maldives getaway:

Each Resort Is Its Own Island

It comes as a surprise to many travelers that each of the stunning Maldives resorts you’ve seen on social media is actually its own private island. Keep this in mind when booking your resort: what is available on the property is the entirety of what you’ll have access to during your stay. There are increasingly more guesthouses that visitors can rent on the populated islands, including near the capital city, Malé, but we think you’ll want to focus on the island resorts, which offer the most in terms of luxury, privacy, and romance. 

You Might Travel to Your Resort by Seaplane

Officially named the Republic of Maldives, this unique Asian country is a collection of more than one thousand islands. In order to reach your island resort, you will first arrive at Malé’s Hulhule airport, then, depending on your next destination, travel by seaplane, ferry, or domestic flight to get there. Some travelers opt to charter a flight to Malé, but there are also commercial options available from a number of aviation hubs, including Shanghai, Dubai and Qatar. Be sure to carefully coordinate your arrival flight with your onward voyage to avoid any lengthy delays or missed connections. 

You Can Turn One Vacation Into Two

Another possibility: adding on a second vacation, based on your flight path. Whether you’re transiting Dubai, Shanghai, or Colombo, you can begin your rest and relaxation with a multi-day stopover at a luxury hotel in any of those or other transit destinations. Then, keep the adventure going by continuing on to the Maldives. For the truly adventurous, round-the-world flights that include a stop in the Maldives are available, and make for a one-of-a-kind trip. 

All-Inclusive Packages Are Available. And Recommended.

Resorts may offer a variety of trip packages, including all-inclusive or pay-as-you-go. We recommend the all-inclusive option, which streamlines your travel planning and removes concern over the one-off costs of alcohol and other extras. This will give you more time to focus on relaxation and romance. 

Some Resorts Are Adults-Only Properties, While Others Are Family-Friendly

Couples looking for a peaceful romantic getaway might also be interested in resorts that do not cater to families. Adults-only properties in the Maldives limit visitors to those who are 18+, which often translates to a more quiet, private, and relaxing experience. Traveling with kids? Family-friendly resorts will offer plenty of daytime, fully supervised, kid-centric activities, so parents can relax while the kids have fun. Butler service is also a possibility, and you can request a fully qualified babysitter who will entertain the kids with on-resort youth activities while you relax in the bungalow or on the beach. 

Consider Booking Yacht Accommodations in Addition to a Resort

Yachts, houseboats, and small cruise ships that sail in various sectors of the Maldives, are available for even more exclusive lodging, and are another way to explore the pristine blue waters of the region. Locally, you’ll see them referred to as “livaboards.” Some livaboards are even available for private hire, meaning you control all aspects of the trip and who travels with you – an exceptional experience that can be the perfect choice for a group of couples traveling together. 

The Maldives Are Safe for LGBTQ+ Couples 

First things first: gay rights effectively do not exist in the Maldives. This is a conservative country that has unfortunately kept its laws banning homosexuality. Some LGBTQ+ couples will choose not to travel here for these reasons – completely understandable. However, there is no record of these laws being used to target foreign travelers. On the contrary, because the country relies so heavily on tourism, LGBTQ+ foreigners are welcomed and the country has even become a top destination for same-sex honeymoons. LGBTQ+ couples we have worked with report feeling welcomed and safe while visiting the Maldives. 

You Can Truly Relax in the Maldives – Or Be Adventurous

Some travelers will delight in the pleasure of doing not much of anything while in the Maldives. Leisurely meals, wading in crystal blue waters, candlelit happy hour on the beach – you could spend your entire trip following this simple pleasures routine. For those who need a little more action, the Maldives offer incredible diving, jet skiing, and other adventure activities. Be sure to research what the resort you choose offers in terms of activities, and reserve your adventures in advance. 

A Flawless, Romantic Getaway to the Maldives Requires Careful Planning. Lugos Travel Can Help.

Choosing a resort, coordinating onward travel from the main airport, opting for all-inclusive or not, adding on activities like scuba diving, swimming with Whale Sharks, or a private lunch on a secluded sandbar –  it can feel overwhelming to book your Maldives excursion. When you work with Lugos Travel to book your romantic Maldives getaway, we’ll take care of the planning for you. All you have to do is tell us what you’d like to do during your trip. We’ll put together the perfect package, and handle all of the specifics. Don’t waste time or energy on the details – focus on romance and relaxation instead. To start booking your Maldives vacation, contact us at

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