Visiting Ireland: What to Know Before You Go

Ireland is a country known for its pubs, idyllic countryside, and ancient castles. It’s steeped in legend and filled with village charm. Lugos Travel offers custom trips to Ireland for those wanting to explore this beautiful country, experience its history and culture, and discover the warmth of its people.

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When you plan a trip to Ireland with Lugos Travel, you plan the vacation of a lifetime. Our luxury Ireland travel vacations are about more than just seeing the sights. They’re about experiencing them, immersing yourself in the culture, and learning more about a country different from your own. Lugos Travel has decades of experience planning and executing high-quality adventures for discriminating travelers who want to do more than collect postcards and take selfies. Our journeys are about making memories that last a lifetime.

What to Know Before Visiting Ireland

When you travel to Ireland, Lugos Travel takes care of all the planning for you. But that doesn’t mean you should arrive without having any idea of what to expect. Here are a few things you should know about Ireland before heading to the airport. These tips can make your trip more pleasant.

Driving. People drive on the left side of the road in Ireland. If you’re not prepared for this, it can be a little unnerving. Lugos Travel handles all your transportation from point to point, so you should never have to get behind the wheel. But it may take some time to get used to seeing drivers on the “wrong” side of the road!

Tipping. Tipping in restaurants is not required. Instead, most restaurants add a service fee of somewhere around 10% to the bill. If you leave a tip on top of that, you’re tipping twice.

Shopping. Many items can be purchased in Ireland tax-free. Shopkeepers display window stickers advertising that their goods are tax-free for tourists.

Meals. It’s a good idea to plan ahead for meals. Restaurants and pubs do not serve food all day, as a general rule. Instead, food is served during specific times throughout the day. Plan ahead, so you don’t end up hungry at your next stop. It’s a good idea to have a few snacks on hand.

Weather. Irish weather is unpredictable. It often rains without warning. This is part of why the country is so lush and green, but it can make sightseeing a challenge. It’s wise to pack a rain jacket, umbrella, and waterproof shoes for the trip. This way, you’re ready for anything.

Sundays. Sunday is a day of rest in Ireland. Many shops and tourist attractions, especially in smaller towns, are closed on Sundays. If there’s a particular attraction you’re interested in, plan to visit it another day. If Sunday is your only option, do your research to make sure it’s open to avoid disappointment.

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Does this seem like a lot to remember? Then you need Lugos Travel to make it easy for you. We take the work out of planning the perfect trip to Ireland. Contact us today with questions or to start planning your Irish vacation.

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