Visit the Maldives Like a Seasoned Traveler with These 5 Tips

There’s nothing like cold weather to make one dream of visiting warm, sunny beaches. Maldives, a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Maldives provide picture-perfect scenery, ideal temperatures, and unique adventures for those looking for a spectacular vacation experience.

A Luxury Maldives Travel Experience for Everyone

While many consider the Maldives to be primarily a honeymoon destination, the truth is that a Maldives trip is fun for anyone who enjoys the sand, sun, and ocean climate. Lugos Travel, one of the travel industry’s leaders, creates dream trips for clients who want to experience a personalized Maldives vacation. Whether you’re bringing the family, a significant other, or flying solo, we’ll design a luxurious Maldives getaway for you.

Before you head out, take a look at these five tips. They’ll get you ready to make the most of your luxury Maldives travel experience.

#1. Visit May – November. Avoid the peak travel season here, which is December through April. Start your vacation off right by coming to the Maldives in the off season.

#2. Not all resorts are the same. They may look similar in pictures but do some research first. Better yet, let Lugos Travel know what you’re looking for. We’ll find the resort that perfectly meets your needs. 

#3. Resorts keep time differently. Many resorts operate in their own time zones. In the Maldives, island time is real and is typically an hour behind the local time in the capital city of Male. This gives tourists more time to explore, snorkel, hike, swim, or lounge around. 

#4. The Maldives is made up of islands. Once you arrive, Lugos Travel will send you on a seaplane or boat to get to your resort easily and enjoyably. Island-hopping is a fun way to explore the Maldives. 

#5. Unique experiences are everywhere. You’ll have plenty to do while you’re vacationing in the Maldives. Want to swim with whale sharks? The best time to do so is June through September. Dive or snorkel the magnificent Banana Reef. Immerse yourself in local Maldivian culture and tradition on Hurra Island, where locals live a simpler life every day of the week. Or simply relax and take advantage of the many spa packages available at resorts throughout the Maldives.

The Lugos Travel Difference

Lugos Travel offers luxury Maldives travel packages to suit couples and families. Choose from either Island Romance or Paradise Found. Or we will tailor a custom vacation package that is perfect for you. Lugos Travel specializes in creating high-end excursions for the discriminating traveler, leaving no detail unattended when it comes to your comfort and convenience. Why would you experience the Maldives any other way?

The sun, sea and sand beckon; it’s time to visit the Maldives. Luxury in an idyllic setting awaits! Contact Lugos Travel today for more information on our Maldives travel packages. 

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