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Time for Your Luxury Vacation to Greece!

Home of philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, Greece is a land rich in ancient history that countless travelers dream of visiting. A trip to Greece is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about history, plus see epic scenery, picturesque Mediterranean landscapes, the Greek Islands, and famous historical structures like the Parthenon and the Olympic Games Theater.

Bespoke Vacations to Greece

Yes, a trip like this could be yours, and planning luxury vacations to Greece is easier than you think. Simply trust the professionals at Lugos Travel, where our travel experts can easily customize a trip that will fulfill your (and your travel companions’) dreams. 

Your Luxury Greece Travel is Just a Click Away

We offer three different luxury vacations to Greece. One of our popular tours is a 10-day trip to visit Santorini, Mykonos and Athens. Start with a visit to the stunning island of Santorini, where you can admire the beautiful scenery, enjoy the amazing food and wine, and relax in your luxurious accommodations. Then move on to Mykonos, where you can enjoy the lively nightlife, stunning beaches, and chic boutiques. Finally, end your trip with a visit to Athens, where you can explore the city’s ancient history and architecture.

By simply visiting the Lugos Travel website, you can request a quote for your luxurious Greek adventure and receive a complete vacation plan tailored to your interests in less than an hour. You don’t even have to have your exact travel dates figured out. The Lugos Travel professionals know that it’s hard to pin everything down — vacation days away from your job, your kids, and all of the other life responsibilities that don’t just vanish into thin air when you leave. No need to lock in exact travel dates until you’re good and ready.

Lugos Travel Manages Every Detail

Everything about your trip matters. Even the most minute details need to be planned with precision. The great thing about trusting our Lugos Travel planners is that they absolutely know what matters. Your hotel accommodations matter, your transfers matter, the experiences and excursions matter, and your tours matter. No matter what, Lugos Travel will map out a trip of a lifetime, taking great care with each and every detail to deliver a memorable Greek vacation that will leave you in awe. 

Hotels and other accommodations planned by Lugos Travel are at least four-star establishments (or higher). With room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, and city-centered hotels or historic locations, your Lugos Travel trip will absolutely not disappoint. 

Don’t Put Off Your Trip

You’ve dreamed of going to Greece for many years, but for some reason you always seem to procrastinate on taking the plunge and planning it. Getting such a trip organized can seem daunting, so it is easy to put it off for fear you’ll mess something up. Lugos Travel’s experienced travel planners know how to make your trip a premier experience – so look forward to a terrific time! 

You Work Hard All Year Long – Treat Yourself to Luxury Travel to Greece

With life being extremely busy, it’s important to get away from it all for some much-needed vacation time. Studies have shown that individuals who take vacations periodically minimize their stress level, and generally return with a sunnier outlook after the time away. 

Contact Lugos Travel and get away from it all! Reap the benefits of taking a break – the worry of planning is left to our Lugos Travel professionals, so what are you waiting for?

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