Take the Hassle Out of Planning Your Luxury Travel to Italy

When it comes to organizing your luxury trip to Italy, Lugos Travel is your choice. The seasoned Lugos Travel professionals are experts in planning a journey of a lifetime that is anything but ordinary. Why take on the hassle and worry of formulating your travel itinerary when you can partner with our experts and craft your custom itinerary in an afternoon, with no stress, and all the research required served up to you. 

Italy is Brimming with Many Coveted Experiences

Whether you and your travel companion(s) desire scenic drives, unparalleled culinary experiences, or lots of time basking in the great outdoors, Lugos Travel’s knowledgeable staff can custom-build your unique travel itinerary that will exceed your expectations. Perfection is the Lugos Travel standard, and our seasoned professionals who have experienced a myriad of Italian encounters are masters at planning your bespoke escape.

Scenic Drives

The iconic Amalfi Coast along with its breathtaking views lives up to every traveler’s expectation. The exemplary scenery along the Amalfi Coast sea cliff adjacent to the vivid ocean is undeniably magnificent. If the narrow and winding road seems a bit nerve-wracking, your Lugos Travel professional will commission a highly trained private driver or send you by boat to handle the experience so you can keep your eyes on the spectacular views rather than concentrate on the road. 

The Tuscan countryside is another sought-after drive. This picturesque region, which boasts several UNESCO World Heritage sites, is just waiting for travelers to explore it. Whether it be Florence (often referred to as the cradle of the Renaissance) or Pisa and the Square of Miracles (including, of course, the Leaning Tower), your Lugos Travel pro will expertly weave this into your trip with ease. Several photo opportunities await adventurous travelers in the Tuscan countryside, and the memory-making is unquestionably incomparable.

Add Culinary Experiences to Your Luxury Italian Journey

For foodies and non-foodies alike, some luscious, mouthwatering excursions leave travelers more than satisfied. Whether seeking out high-end, gourmet dining experiences or participating in food preparation with a culinary class and wine tasting, Tuscany has many such experiences from which to choose. Your Lugos Travel associate will gain an understanding of your unique yearnings, and pair you and your fellow travelers up with Tuscan partners with whom they’re familiar. Lugos Travel partners with Italian businesses that have been screened for their competence and experience with the locale. This unique exclusive partnership is what sets Lugos Travel apart from other travel companies. Lugos Travel will offer you the very best gastronomic adventure that will surprise and gratify adventure-seekers, so they can be in the moment savoring every delight, as well as come away with vivid memories they will enjoy for years to come. 

Work With the Unequivocal Professionals at Lugos Travel

When it comes to your luxury Italy travel experience, why settle for average, run-of-the-mill travel companies? The opposite of a cookie-cutter approach, our travel pros at Lugos Travel will join in your quest for a remarkable trip and take the hassle out of all the details, so you can sit back and enjoy the voyage. Give Lugos Travel a call today at 646-930-4496, or visit our website to begin making your travel dreams a reality.

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