A breathtaking shot of the Colosseum amphitheatre located in Rome, Italy

Take That Luxury Italian Vacation You Deserve!

You’re not unlike many people: a luxury vacation to Italy is something you’ve longed for for years and years. Known for fabulous cuisine, wine, scenery, history, and magnificent views, a trip to Italy provides many memories of a lifetime, an immersion in the rich culture of Italy and something you will never forget. 

You’ve been dreaming of this trip, and you deserve it, but you’re holding off on making it happen. Why? Let’s face it, you’re quite concerned about the planning and organizing. Never fear! Lugos Travel can make it happen!

In just one visit to the Lugos Travel website, you will have a preliminary itinerary customized for you within about an hour. No waiting for your proposed vacation plan.  Discover the art of what’s possible by partnering with Lugos Travel. Our travel professionals will assist in getting this well-deserved trip off the ground and be your advocate each and every step of the way. 

An Itinerary Tailored to You 

With over a dozen different Italy tours to choose from, you can plan on seeing your favorites, from Rome, to Venice, Tuscany, Lake Como and more. Take a look at these luxury travel tours in Italy, ranging from 7 to 15 days, and within minutes you could receive a proposal with specific pricing and access to customize the trip. 

Our travel planners can build in things that reflect your interests, such as cooking classes, visits to wine country, high adventure hiking, boat rides, tours to museums, private dinners, personal shopping trips, or even a balloon ride, if that’s what you crave. You name it, and our Lugos Travel specialists can make it happen because they really listen. We want your vacation to be the best it can be, just as much as you do. That’s what Lugos Travel is known for. 

Nothing But the Best 

Your luxury accommodations in Italy when you book with Lugos Travel are nothing short of spectacular. With room upgrades included and complimentary breakfasts, your hotel experiences will delight you. As far as getting around, Lugos Travel pros are familiar with the transportation options available. All transfers are booked with the highest quality providers. All private guided tours and train tickets during our luxury Italy vacations will be first class. The Lugos Travel pros even arrange welcome and farewell dinners, so sit back, relax, trust the planning to Lugos Travel, and get ready for an amazing time.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Don’t feel uneasy about planning this trip; we’ve got this! Because our travel professionals are literally veterans in the travel planning world, you can trust them implicitly. Your satisfaction is their goal, and Lugos Travel takes pride in getting every little detail right for you. There is no cookie-cutter approach in our trip planning. We will customize any itinerary to your interests and desires. Go ahead, get this vacation off the ground. You know you deserve it. You work hard all week long, and feel like you’re spinning your wheels with work, family responsibilities, the yard, the house, and just life in general. Why not escape for a vacation? It has been proven time and again that vacationing and getting away for a while have a positive effect on one’s wellbeing. It’s good for you, so go ahead and talk to your Lugos Travel partners. Time to take that exciting Italian vacation!

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