Shane Mahoney Featured on Mindfulness Mode Podcast

Shane Mahoney is the founder of Lugos Travel and a luxury travel expert who has personallyMindful Travel crafted thousands of authentic trips for travelers. At Lugos Travel, each itinerary is heavily researched with local references, data points, family tours, and recommendations. Lugos Travel is the only company in the industry to provide custom luxury travel itineraries (good for any day of the year) in under 30 minutes. With zero questions up front, Lugos Travel successfully customizes trips by fitting each traveler into 1+ of 4 archetypes (savor, excite, explore, and pampered). As an expert who has been in the luxury travel industry for over ten years, Mahoney has dedicated his life to connecting and reconnecting loved ones by crafting travel experiences that surprise and delight his clients.

Mahoney has lived in exotic locations such as Spain, Borneo, and Australia and traveled to over 22 countries worldwide. He has a thirst for adventure and has driven Baja trucks, gone Paragliding, Parachuting, and high-speed rollerblading at over 50 miles per hour. Mahoney’s greatest passion is to create excitement in other people’s lives and to foster great relationships through the power of travel while streamlining the traveling process making it stress-free and enjoyable.

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