Shane Mahoney Featured on Millionaire Mindcast

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an amazing guest, Shane Mahoney where he will be sharing his thoughts about top travel hacks, building your business and customer loyalty through unique value propositions, and turnkey experiences!

Shane Mahoney is a serial entrepreneur, avid researcher, a tour operator, luxury lifestyle specialist, and founder and CEO of Lugos Travel, a company that offers custom and pre-packaged travel tours.

At 34 years old, he became a tour operator. Being passionate about travel and interests in adventurous and exciting experiences, Shane started Lugos Travels with exactly zero experience. Shane and his team designed amazing travel packages that make a great vacation. They’ve focused on creating and providing better experiences. They put clients first in experience and focus only on value. They’ve spent the clients’ money well the way that it adds value, not the price.

Through Lugos, they’re helping people make their vacation stress-free of planning and putting it all together. Thus, making sure to deal with any travel issues and fixing things immediately. They’re really focused on creating and providing better experiences for people. The team puts the client first in experience and focuses only on value. They’ve spent the clients’ money well by adding value not price. Lugos has continued its demand. Shanes believes that there are so many options, so demands something that is amazing because you deserve it!

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