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Ireland is one of those mystical places that nearly everyone yearns to visit. And there are indeed many ways to get there and see the sights. Most involve hours and hours of careful planning, research, price checking, booking, and double-checking the itinerary to make sure travelers have “ticked all the boxes” for all the things they want to do and see.

What if travelers found a better way? One that would take the work out of planning, and leave it to the professionals? One that would also include a twenty-four-hour concierge at their disposal and provide custom amenities, seamless logistics, and a stress-free experience for them and their loved ones? That is what Lugos Travel was founded on — the belief that you shouldn’t need a vacation to rest up after your vacation. You deserve the very best and have earned the privilege of luxury Ireland travel that will energize you and provide lasting memories for you and your family. 

With Lugos Travel, you don’t have to do anything except give them your bucket list, pack your suitcase, and wait for your driver to pick you up and take you to the airport! It truly is that easy. Oh, and don’t forget your camera (or smartphone,) because you’re going to need it to capture the breathtaking scenery in Ireland. Or leave the photographs to the pros and opt for the personal photography option. Even the most jaded travelers who’ve been to all the big cities and famous monuments across the world are in awe of the beauty that is found on the Emerald Isle. 

Planning is Everything

Let’s face it. We’ve all wasted time on our long-awaited vacations, sitting around saying, “What should we do today?” Then possibly finding out — after getting to the place we finally all decided on — that it was closed on Mondays. Inevitably, grumpiness follows. Travel can be a fabulous way to make lifelong memories among the generations when it is meticulously planned and executed every step of the way. And the truth is that most people don’t have the time or experience to do it the right way. 

Here’s just a taste of the luxury Ireland travel itinerary you’ll experience in just one day on “The Classic Journey” with Lugos Travel: From the port of Cairnryan, you’ll cross the Irish Sea on a ferry boat, fully equipped with a VIP lounge and spa! A private driver will be there to greet you and take you to your castle in Ballygally Bay, a quaint village and coastal resort. Enjoy a traybake (a traditional Northern Irish sweet bite, typically made with crushed biscuits, condensed milk, coconut and chocolate) and perhaps a sip of Bushmills as you enjoy the expansive scenery. 

Later, take a leisurely stroll through Carnfunnock Country Park and unleash the young ones, where safe and secure play areas abound. Check out their lime kilns, walled garden, and ice house, all original to the site. Upon your return to Ballygally Castle, you may dine on locally grown produce, smoked coley (a saltwater fish and top choice for its sustainability) with black garlic cream sauce, and finish with their famous sticky toffee pudding. 

You owe it to yourself to experience the Lugos Travel difference. With their expertise in curating the highest quality accommodations and activities, along with perfectly executed logistics, you will soon be off on your next adventure!

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