Put Luxury Italy Travel on Your Goals List

It’s exciting to have something to look forward to, and for many people, traveling to wonderful destinations such as Italy is at the top of their wish list. If luxury travel to Italy is on your list of “must-do” goals, there’s no better time to make it happen. 

Why not get those plans made, so the trip of your dreams can commence? Whether your Italian trip is enjoyed with friends or family, a luxury vacation to Italy will be an experience that will result in a fabulous time with many cherished memories. 

Trust Our Professionals to Help You! 

If you’re gun shy about planning a fabulous trip to Italy with all the right accommodations, destinations, and transfers, look no further than the professionals at Lugos Travel. Our travel experts will partner with you to explore options and help with those confusing — yet very important — decisions for your escape. Our travel experts have the experience needed to recommend the absolute best accommodations and excursions, not to mention handling getting from one place to another. The pros at Lugos Travel know about all the options for trains, ports, harbors, airport shuttles, local buses, and tour buses to get you to the various spots included in the well-mapped-out travel plan. Travel plan? Yes! Lugos Travel experts will carefully formulate an itinerary that will ensure the trip exceeds your dreams! Your Lugos Travel planner will be sure all the details are worked out, so you can leisurely enjoy the incredible sights and experiences that Italy has to offer. 

Hassle-Free Vacation Planning

Lugos Travel professionals take the hassle out of luxury travel planning and get your vacation to Italy mapped out, so you can experience the beautiful and unique sights of many Italian destinations, such as Tuscany. In Tuscany, travelers can enjoy the friendly and welcoming people, indulge in their wine, and take in their delectable food and laid-back lifestyle.

Florence is another sought-after destination for vacationers when they explore Italy. Brimming with sophisticated art and culture, this inland area is renowned for its fine history and scenic regions. There is no shortage of sightseeing in Florence.

Off the Beaten Path 

With Tuscany and Florence being iconic places to visit, your Lugos Travel Partner will also plan for some “out of the way” places that will surprise and delight adventurous travelers. Taking in some of the lesser-known scenery, wineries, eateries, and areas with a rich history are absolutely achievable when working with a travel pro at Lugos Travel.

With Lugos Travel specialists, you can be certain to visit not only the popular places in Italy but all the spots you’ll love most, based on your unique interests and desires. History, wine, gourmet cuisine, or scenic views…all can be worked into your travel schedule. 

Experience the Rich Italian Culture

Gourmet aficionados will enjoy experiencing an epicurean delight when they attend a cooking class in Italy. Travelers can cook a meal featuring fresh ingredients paired with wine and prepared with locally produced olive oil. While on vacation, many people tend to look for activities that will immerse them in the culture, and a cooking class with just the right wines will do just that. Your travel expert at Lugos Travel will assist you in selecting a class that is sure to gratify all the senses. Not only will the food be scrumptious, but the experience of preparing it while sipping on perfectly paired wine in the lovely settings will also take your breath away. Contact Lugos Travel and start making memories!

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