Planning an Epic Family Vacation in Ireland

Ireland is a small country loaded with an incredible wealth of things to do. It offers many intriguing possibilities for a family vacation, with numerous adventures, perfect for all ages. From magical castles to fluffy sheep dotting every hillside, parents and children alike will find delight in a luxury Ireland travel vacation.

If your first visit to Ireland will be with the family, you’ll want to maximize the benefits for everyone. Lugos Travel offers these ways to ensure that your family’s vacation to the Emerald Isle is one you’ll never forget.

Mini-Itineraries Deliver Huge Benefits 

Remember that although Ireland is a small country, there’s still a lot of ground to cover to see it all. That’s impractical when you have limited vacation time with the family. It can be a wise choice to select some of the more popular sites and focus on those. Or, Lugos Travel can put together a custom mini or specialized itinerary to fit your unique desires.

Some of the most beloved activities on an Ireland trip include: see the Cliffs of Moher; explore ancient castles; and drive the Ring of Kerry to see the famous Skellig Islands featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. To get the most from the trip in a limited period, travel experts recommend sticking to one region. Perhaps it’s Ireland’s sunny southwest coast and the counties of Kerry, Limerick, and Clare, which offer some of the best of what Ireland is known for — breathtaking sights, ancient history, and local culture. Or maybe it’s the bustling city of Belfast with its museums, trendy art galleries, and epicurean cuisine. 

Make It a Learning Experience

A luxury Ireland travel vacation can be a real eye-opener for younger travelers. You may want to turn the trip into a learning experience for them. Buy notebooks so everyone can start a travel journal. Each family member can capture the experiences that stand out the most for them. Then share the insights over a delicious Irish meal at the end of the day. This is a great way to expand the breadth of the experience for everyone.

Depending on the children’s ages, you may also use this opportunity to teach them about budgeting. Give each child a travel budget and help them manage it during the trip. This will also teach them about currency rates and exchanges. It might even help them better manage their allowance once you get home!

Luxury Ireland Travel Made Easy

Lugos Travel makes vacation planning easy – we handle everything for you. With extensive connections in the travel industry, we can design a travel itinerary that perfectly suits your family’s interests. Our luxury Ireland travel tours have for years been some of the most sought-after trips Lugos Travel offers. When it comes to your family, you wouldn’t want anything less.

Check out our website for more information or to start planning your luxury Ireland travel package. We can’t wait to make it special for you!

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