Our Maldivian Luxury Travel Packages Fulfill Every Desire

Did you ever imagine yourself basking in the sun outside your villa over the gentle waves in The Maldives? Snorkeling in their clear blue waters, and dining on fresh seafood every day? Or perhaps sharing cocktails with your loved ones absorbing the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen? If so, you may also have imagined the hours of research it might take to find that magical resort, find out the best way to get there, and book all your flights and excursions. 

Well, there’s a whole new way to make this happen for you, and Lugos Travel is the leader in a brand new innovative category of concierge-based travel consulting. We are proud to help make your dreams come true in as stress-free a way as possible — we even love to say “Just pack your bag and wait for your drive to the airport!” It truly can be that easy, with our experienced and meticulous planning all done for you. 

We Take Care of All the Luxury Maldives Travel Details for You

At Lugos Travel, we excel in taking care of all the details so that your vacation is truly relaxing and enjoyable. You deserve it, and your loved ones do, too. You work hard and need a chance to recharge your energy and reconnect with what matters to you most. Many hardworking executives never take the time away to explore the world of ultimate leisure, and they are truly missing out. 

Shane Mahoney, our Founder and Luxury Lifestyle Specialist, has found a unique niche in the travel market that caters directly to executives who don’t have time to research and plan the vacations they desperately need. Everyone starts with the basics (which are anything but basic!), including four-star and higher accommodations (with upgrades); first class dining experiences with all meals and snacks included; and an experienced travel concierge available to you twenty-four hours a day should any questions or needs arise. It honestly is just that easy! And did we mention that our Maldives vacations are all-inclusive, including all food and drinks? 

You’ll be asked a few questions, then within minutes — not days — you’ll receive a no-obligation personalized custom vacation itinerary. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from several categories of options for your trip, including pampering (massages and more) and excitement (thinking about something daring?). Get started here!

Vacation Experiences in the Maldives that You’ll Never Forget

Have you ever heard of a “Penguin semi-submersible” excursion? Well, now you have! It’s a unique vessel with a deep hull, air conditioning and glass windows so that you can view the gorgeous underwater marine life in comfort without even donning your swimsuit. 

And you may have snorkeled before, but have you ever snorkeled with turtles? These will be experiences you and your family will never forget. Have you ever wanted to try jet blading? It’s a sport for the truly adventurous, and is fun to watch, as well. With your instructor’s help, you’ll learn to fly above the water and may even do a few tricks. Be sure to have someone take videos, as they will be priceless! 

The ultimate luxury travel experiences await you in the Maldives. Don’t wait to set aside your “To Do” list; make time to enjoy your vacation with your loved ones! Lugos Travel can make it happen for you today!

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