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Four Reasons to Explore the United Kingdom and Ireland This Spring

For many, the arrival of spring brings the desire to travel and seek new adventures. Spring is the perfect time to plan a luxury get-away to a new, exciting destination, and Lugos Travel’s team of professionals will help you book a bespoke vacation to remember. Choosing just one destination from Lugos Travel’s many luxury packages might sound tricky, but for spring travel, there are no better destinations than the United Kingdom and Ireland. Here are five reasons why travel to the UK and Ireland can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

1. Warm Weather Brings Flowers and Festivals

Late March to early June is one of the best times of the year to visit the United Kingdom due to the warm, dry weather it experiences during this period. The British people boast exquisitely tended gardens, and in April and May, gardens and natural landscapes start to flourish, producing lupins, tulips, and narcissus. In early June, even warmer weather means that small towns and villages across England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland come to life. In May, markets and festivals all across the UK welcome locals and travelers alike.

2. Plenty of Room to Explore and Go Sightseeing

Since the United Kingdom’s peak travel season is generally considered to be July through September, traveling there in March, April, and May allows for plenty of room to explore iconic landmarks while still making the most of warm weather. Fewer crowds mean that favorites such as The Tower of London, The Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the castles of Scotland are a pleasure to discover and explore.

3. Relax on the Incredible Coasts

The incredibly beautiful coasts of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland boast beaches perfect for swimming, strolling, picnicking, or playing games, as well as cultural attractions and historical sites. Watching the sunset over the ocean while eating at one of the many gastropubs makes for a relaxing evening full of both local charm and great food.

4. Visit Local Villages and Festivals

England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are filled with historical villages waiting to be explored, and the surrounding countryside holds its own treasures waiting to be discovered. Warm spring weather means more outdoor exploration; hiking trails between villages allow rustic access to fascinating historical sites such as ancient churches and ruins, and castles that are hundreds of years old. 

In Ireland, spring is the perfect time to make new friends; the quaint villages of Ireland are filled with famously friendly locals who love to chat and meet visitors. Outdoor festivals and music fill the air, and longer days mean more time to enjoy the local color and welcoming hospitality.

The experts at Lugos Travel curate unique luxury travel experiences to Ireland and the United Kingdom for elite clients who enjoy personalized travel. You’ll enjoy a stress-free travel experience while the Lugos Travel team handles all the planning and details. Contact the team at Lugos Travel today to let us design a luxury UK travel package just for you!

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