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When thinking of France, you may picture a beautiful spring day filled with blooming flowers as you relax at a sidewalk café in Paris. But you may just want to consider seeing a different side of France –– the Valleys of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes –– for a skiing holiday, you won’t soon forget!

Already over Aspen? Bored with Breckinridge? Tired of Tahoe? It’s time to up your game and ski (or snowboard) the slopes of one of the largest ski areas in the world, just three hours from Geneva, Switzerland. With Lugos Travel, we can make that luxury France travel dream a reality, with every detail planned seamlessly for you. All you have to do is pack your bag with your most fashionable ski wear (or leave room in your suitcase and wait to buy some new things in France!). A driver will arrive at your door to whisk you away to the airport, on your way to an incredible and exhilarating vacation!

Ski Paradise

Specializing in luxury France travel, Lugos Travel has curated what we call “The Valleys – Ski Paradise.” From the moment you arrive, you will receive VIP treatment and experience amenities you’ve only seen in magazines. Our eight-day trip includes six full-day ski passes to ensure you have plenty of time on the slopes. When you arrive, you’ll be personally fitted with equipment for skiing or snowboarding, so no need to transport yours. And we don’t just leave you on your own — on your first day on the slopes, you will have a personal English-speaking ski guide to provide you with individualized instruction and show you around the massive area. 

After a day of skiing, you may want to mix it up a bit the next day and try racing a go-kart on a snow-covered track! As you round the first turn, you will be telling yourself it’s going to be extremely hard not to brag about this adventure to your friends back at work. The go-karts are specially designed with special snow tires and even ice screws to give you traction. However, we still recommend a light foot on the gas when cornering. (Don’t ask how we know that.)

Next, you’ll be back for two more full days at the ski resort for more unforgettable runs, complete with lunch on the slopes. With nearly two hundred miles of piste (groomed, snow-packed courses,) you’ll never run out of adventures. 

Get Ready To Bundle Up With Lugos Travel!

Whether you’re training for a gold medal in the next Winter Olympics, or a novice wanting to share the thrill of skiing with your family, you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face as you stand on the top of a mountain in the French Alps. The months between December and April are best when planning a skiing holiday in France with Lugos Travel, and these soon sell out, so don’t wait to book the dream vacation of a lifetime

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