Luxury Maldives Travel: Your Paradise Found

Those who dream of luxury Maldives travel often have a vision of a resort with rooms that are built above the water, surrounded by privacy and tranquility. In fact, that can be the case…or there is much more adventure to be found by those interested in adrenaline-seeking activities! The experts at Lugos Travel have carefully chosen once-in-a-lifetime, luxury Maldives travel opportunities for you if you like to live on the wild side!

Hideaway in Style

The Hideaway resort and spa redefines luxury for their elite guests. As soon as you arrive, it will be obvious why it was selected by Lugos Travel and the winner of the best luxury hideaway beach resort in the Maldives. Their villas are built over the lagoon on wooden stilts, but there is nothing primitive about them! 

Having your own dedicated personal butler can always come in handy, and enjoying the privacy of your own private beach is an added bonus. And would you believe each villa is air conditioned, so you can cool off from the warm breezes? All the modern amenities you have come to rely on are at your fingertips, including a TV, DVD player, surround sound, coffee maker, mini bar, and telephone. Each villa also comes with two bicycles for trekking around the island. 

Nine Days of Relaxation…or Excitement

Imagine waking up to a fun-filled day of jet skiing, catamaran sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paddleboarding or water skiing. Not to mention qualifying for an international scuba diving license! Or fishing in the clear blue sea, where you can see your catch before it sees you! 

Snorkeling from your own private beach, surrounded by native coconut trees, makes getting up close and personal with the undersea world easy and stress-free. Later, you will learn the correct way to feed a stingray by hand! (And don’t worry, stingrays don’t have teeth. Their mouths are located under their bodies, so they may try to “climb” up on you to get in proper position.) Stingrays are naturally playful and love to be hand fed because they have to constantly search for food during all their waking hours. Some guests have described the stingrays as feeling super soft and slippery, like a big pillow!

Sipping champagne on your deck is a time-honored tradition for visitors. While you may be aware the Maldives population does not drink alcohol, guests are welcome to enjoy libations at their resort. Just be aware of restrictions on bringing any alcohol into or out of the country.

Recipient of the Haute Grandeur Global Award

Accolades abound for this gem chosen by Lugos Travel. In 2021, the Hideaway Resort received the coveted Haute Grandeur Global Award. This is an unbiased and independent initiative to honor the highest echelon of establishments across the global hotel industry. 

Fortune favors the bold

For most visitors, upon arriving home, the hardest part of their dream vacation to the Maldives is sorting through their photographs to choose the very best ones! The sunsets, the views, the smiles abound. And even without Instagram evidence, their memories will last forever in their hearts and minds. With Lugos Travel, you are one step away from your toes in the sand!

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