Luxury Maldives Travel – Not Just For Celebrities!

You may have seen photos of some of your favorite celebrities splashing around in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, or “chillaxing” on the lanai of their over-the-water chalet in the fabulous Maldives. With Lugos Travel, you can be the star! We strive to make every single client feel special and able to enjoy his or her well-earned holiday stress-free. 

As specialists in luxury Maldives travel, we know where the very best accommodations are, the most delicious cuisine, and how to integrate your travel plans seamlessly into a schedule that fits your needs. 

Leave No Regrets

However, you may not feel justified in spending the money for a luxury vacation for your family. Perhaps instead of traveling, you’re considering the purchase of a new car. As that “new car smell” fades and its value depreciates the minute you drive it off the lot, it becomes pretty mundane after the first few months of ownership. Psychologists have even coined a term for that loss of enthusiasm, called “hedonistic adaptation.” Contrast that with an investment in a fabulous holiday to be shared with your loved ones, creating lifetime memories. 

According to Karl Pillemer, a distinguished professor of Human Development at Cornell University, most older Americans regret that they didn’t travel more when they were younger. He sums it up concisely, “When your traveling days are over, you will wish you had taken one more trip.” And that rings true, especially for those who aren’t able to include their loved ones in their holidays. 

At Lugos Travel, our goal is to make your trip to the Maldives as easy as packing your suitcase and awaiting your private transportation to the airport. We handle all the details, both large and small, that can make or break an overseas vacation. In addition, you’ll have access to an experienced and knowledgeable travel concierge twenty-four hours a day during your holiday. Need any ideas for a rainy afternoon? No problem, just ask your expert. Not that it rains much in the Maldives –– the weather is one factor that makes it a top-ranked destination. 

Snorkeling or diving takes you to an undersea world of wonder, and the Maldives has some incredible sights few will ever get to experience. With Lugos Travel, you’ll have a dedicated guide for snorkeling the breathtaking coral gardens with their abundant wildlife. 

Ready to escape from daily schedules filled with chores, commuting, children’s activities, social obligations, and work? We often like to say, “Slow down and savor.” And let’s face it –– there’s truly no better place to slow down and simply relax than by the sea. Take time to think about the life you’d still like to create, and the legacy you’d like to leave. You might even start writing that novel you’ve pondered for years, as you lie on the beach with a soft breeze whirling around you. 

Take the Plunge

Whatever your reasons for taking that long-overdue holiday, you will be amazed at the Lugos Travel difference. You won’t have to spend hours researching and booking activities for each day because we’ve done all the legwork for you! Go ahead, take the plunge!

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