Luxury Maldives Travel: A Getaway to Paradise

If you’re searching for a getaway like no other, exploring the Maldives and everything this large group of islands has to offer could be just the ticket. Located just to the south of India, the Maldives is a cluster of coral islands that were formed atop a ridge in the Indian Ocean.

Island Opulence Along the Equator

Astride the equator, the numerous islands (over 1000) making up the Maldives give way to travelers who enjoy sprawling, sugary sand beaches alongside the beautiful, lush, deep blue Indian Ocean. The sights are absolutely spectacular, the climate comfortable and tropical, and visitors comment that the Maldives is paradise at its best.

Avoid the Hassles of Travel Planning

But where do you fly into? Where do you stay? What sights should you take in? There’s absolutely no need for your luxury trip to be hard to arrange. You’ve earned a vacation, and there’s no reason you must go through the headache of ironing out the details of such a trip. You can trust your trip planning to the experts at Lugos Travel. Specializing in extravagant trips for adventurous travelers, Lugos Travel will arrange an itinerary that will take in the most notable destinations, as well as a few out-of-the-way surprises, all based on your interests and desires.

Luxury Accommodations Suited for You and Your Travel Companion(s)

If stilted villas right on the Indian Ocean is your cup of tea, Lugos Travel can arrange a stay at one of these lavish accommodations, and include personal shopping, or special surprise gifts for everyone in your party. Numerous other locations are available; just explain your desires about lodging to your travel professional at Lugos Travel. Booking their clients in four-star and above hotels, you are absolutely assured your stay will be the epitome of comfort, with breathtaking views and ocean-side marine life at your fingertips.

You’re Worth It

You work hard and need a break, so why not contact Lugos Travel to begin your getaway to The Maldives? Our easy-to-navigate website takes the stress of vacation planning off your hands. Sit back, relax, and wait for your custom vacation quote to be returned to you in a matter of minutes — not a matter of days — when you fill out the Lugos Travel questionnaire on our website.

Pampering categories such as welcome and farewell dinners, personal shopping, balloon rides, and upgrades to your room are all part of the Lugos Travel equation. We simply demand the very best, and our seasoned personnel know exactly what to arrange to ensure our clients enjoy a trip that is custom-designed to their tastes and desires — part of the opulence that makes Lugos Travel stand out in the minds of travelers.

Private guided tours for each city, upgraded rooms — all with an included breakfast — and first-class train tickets are the norm when Lugos Travel arranges your trip. Lugos Travel is first class from start to finish.

You deserve it! See for yourself the Lugos Travel difference.

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