Luxury Italy Travel is Tops on Many Bucket Lists

A sought-after vacation goal can present a bit of stress when trying to put it all together. It can be mind-boggling trying to plan a luxury trip to Italy that fulfills your dreams. That’s why trusting Lugos Travel is — without a doubt — your answer. There’s no reason to put it off! Lugos Travel to the rescue!

Good Listeners

Our professionals at Lugos Travel will listen attentively to your hopes and dreams for your trip of a lifetime and tend to all the big and little details, advising you on the best lodging, excursions, transfers, and restaurants resulting in a stress-free vacation. Bursting with culture, fine cuisine, and exquisite scenery, it’s no wonder Italy is such a coveted luxury vacation. See Italy your way, and have us handle all the behind-the-scenes plans, so you don’t have to!

Luxury Italian Vacation Itinerary

Some of the main attractions, such as Venice, Rome, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, and Sorrento can be expertly worked into your itinerary when you choose Lugos Travel’s experts to plan and organize your trip. We pride ourselves on creating a luxury Italian vacation itinerary, full to the brim, that will not disappoint. 

Northern Italy is a Real Treat

Visiting Lake Garda, or the Prosecco Hills will afford vacationers exquisite views and cuisine fit for a king or queen. Hiking the Dolomites might be on your list, or basking in the breathtaking views of Northern Italy while relaxing can be just as fulfilling. Whatever you seek to do, our Lugos Travel experts can make it happen without any difficulty, leaving you to relax and enjoy your getaway.

Veneto Wine Region Has Lots to Offer

If you are a fancier of prosecco, a stop in the Veneto wine region in northeastern Italy is something you may want to include in your itinerary. Veneto is one of the most notable wine-growing regions in Italy. Not only is Veneto the home of the increasingly popular prosecco, but it also offers many other varieties of superb wine.

Just a short distance from Venice, the Prosecco Hills can provide you with cuisine and wine that is unparalleled. An area rich in art and history, the Prosecco Hills yield many magnificent sights and experiences, such as a private wine tour, a Vespa tour, a spa day, or a visit to some of the quaint villages around the region.

Renaissance Exploration

Taking in one of the most well-known buildings of the Renaissance, La Rotonda, designed by Andrea Palladio, is a memorable experience in Veneto. This famous structure sits on top of a hill in northern Italy, where travelers can explore this famous structure that is symbolic of the Renaissance.

The Amalfi Coast – Epitome of Coastal Beauty   

You can get to this coastal treasure from Venice by plane, bus, train, or ferry, and depending on your desires and timing, your Lugos Travel representative can help you plan the best possible option. The ever-popular excavated archaeological site of Pompeii is beyond compare, and something you might wish to put on your itinerary. Imagine going back in time to get a feel for what it must’ve been like to live under the Roman Empire before Mount Vesuvius’ eruption, in the city that was later buried under layers upon layers of lava. 

Take a Day Trip from Rome

You can head to Naples or the Isle of Capri from Rome with the assistance of Lugos Travel’s professionals. Mapping out the best way to travel between these iconic spots is what they’re known for, and they just might have some secrets to share about the best ways to travel, and the best experiences you won’t want to miss. 

Ready for your dream luxury travel tour to Italy? There’s no better way to make it happen than to have Lugos Travel help you make it a reality. Call us today at 646-930-4496, or contact us online to get started planning your trip to Italy!

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