Luxury France Travel: A Personal Touch Makes the Difference

A luxury vacation is best when planned by experts who know how to please customers. Not every travel company can do this. But those that do earn clients that keep coming back year after year because they know what to expect and trust the company to deliver. 

That’s what you get when you book luxury France travel through Lugos Travel.

The Advantage of a Personal Touch

The most exciting customized travel packages to France can only be put together by a company with extensive knowledge of the region. That means gathering experience with every landmark, every attraction, and every museum that clients may want to visit. It means getting familiar with local culture to find the best hotels and restaurants. It also means interacting with local guides who have the experience to shepherd visitors from one stop to the next, ensuring that they miss nothing. Lugos Travel offers all this and much more.

Experience Luxury France Travel As Never Before

Lugos Travel specializes in the personal touch. That means that wherever you want to go and whatever you want to see, Lugos Travel can arrange it. If you wish to visit off-limits areas of the Louvre or see the newly reopened crypts that lie under Notre Dame, Lugos Travel will make arrangements for it to happen. For some clients, the ability to visit places not generally open to the public allows them to realize the dream of a lifetime. With Lugos Travel, they can tour places that fascinate them, opening their minds and hearts to the history and wonderment of a long-dreamed-of experience.

Lugos Travel offers many pre-planned luxury France travel packages, but every excursion can be customized, too. Every detail is planned ahead of time, so you move seamlessly through your adventure. 24-hour concierge service is available if you want to add a stop to your itinerary. All packages include gratuities, entrance and transfer fees, and transportation to and from your home airport. This is, of course, in addition to world-class accommodations and dining.

Choose Your Adventure

Here’s a sampling of the luxury France travel packages offered by Lugos Travel.

Life Well Lived — Spend time exploring Paris, Mont Saint-Michel, and the Loire Valley. Stay a night in a beautiful French château. Sample French wines, and immerse yourself in the history of the region.

Small Town Alps Skiing — This tour takes skiers to Haute-Savoie, a small town in the French Alps. Over 50 miles of skiable pistes ensure fresh powder on every run. At the end of the day, warm up with authentic home-style French cuisine.

WWII-Normandy Stands — This tour explores sites critical to the Allies’ success in World War II, including D-Day beaches. You’ll also visit Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel.

Start Planning Your Luxury France Travel Experience Today

Contact Lugos Travel today to start planning the French adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be amazed by how little is required on your part to make this dream come true. All that’s asked of you is that you go and enjoy the adventure. Lugos Travel takes care of the rest!

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