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Vacationing in South America

Exploring Central and South America in luxurious style is something lots of people dream about. With the continent’s vast array of fabulous destinations, it can be a daunting task to figure out an itinerary that will result in a meaningful trip with magnificent sights, and memories galore. If you’re planning a future trip to Central America or South America and need some professional help, look no further than Lugos Travel. The expert travel professionals at Lugos Travel have been formulating itineraries for their clients for decades, and they can customize the perfect plan for you and your travel companions, all based on your interests, your culinary tastes, and your preferences regarding activity level.

Custom Itineraries Tailored to Each Traveler

The Lugos Travel professionals know that travelers’ tastes differ, that’s why they carefully prepare custom itineraries for everyone that result in a trip of a lifetime fashioned to each customer’s personal wishes. There’s no need to agonize over the details and second-guess yourself on preparing a trip itinerary. When you trust the planning to Lugos Travel and our skilled travel specialists, the Central or South America luxury vacation you’ve been envisioning can absolutely become a reality, and you will not regret trusting the professionals when it comes to your well-deserved getaway.

Take in the Wonders of Machu Picchu

If Machu Picchu in Peru has been on your bucket list, why not have Lugos Travel build an itinerary around this monumental attraction. The abandoned ancient Inca village sits in the rocky terrain of the Peruvian Andes mountain range and is of great interest to travelers because it is shrouded in mystery. Sightseers flock to this coveted destination to take in the wondrous sight of an ancient, abandoned Inca village.

The Galápagos Islands in Ecuador – A Coveted South American Destination

This must-see spot in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador is a real treat for nature lovers and fulfills the dreams of vacationers who enjoy plant and animal life that’s unparalleled. With a wide range of creatures inhabiting the area, this stretch of secluded islands provides exquisite views, and animal sightings of sea lions, penguins, whales, iguanas and hammerhead sharks. A guided tour can be easily arranged by Lugos Travel to ensure you and your family and/or friends won’t miss out on the highlights this exquisite destination has to offer.

Experience the Beauty of Costa Rica

Did you know that one quarter of the land area in Costa Rica is protected in national parks? If you’re interested in scenic beauty, have Lugos Travel plan a vacation to some of the most breathtaking natural sites in this Central American country. White sand beaches, rugged rainforests and crystal blue waters await you – plus you can see the active Arenal volcano.

So Many Choices

The first step in making your luxury South American travel come true is to request a proposal from Lugos Travel via our easy-to-use website. With a few clicks, future travelers can ask for a vacation plan and receive a custom-designed itinerary in minutes, not hours. Unlike lots of other travel companies, Lugos Travel prides itself on its rapid response and ability to arrange fabulous accommodations with room upgrades, and top-notch private, guided tours including all first-class transfers and train tickets. If special experiences like balloon rides, snorkeling, wine samplings, or culinary experiences are what you’re seeking, Lugos Travel can arrange the best of the best due to our long-time affiliations with hotels, restaurants, and tour companies. Don’t worry about figuring out exact dates, times, and places, Lugos Travel will arrange a plan for you that is flexible and can work within a range of dates, so there is no headache in planning the trip of a lifetime.

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