Lugos Travel Tips: Luxury Travel to France

France is among the most visited countries in the world, in large part due its wildly popular landmarks, world-famous French cuisine, and enchanting beauty. If you’re planning a long-awaited trip to Paris, the City of Love and the City of Lights, or to any of the quaint towns that surround it, being aware of important travel tips can make planning your luxury vacation more enjoyable.

  1. Bring Passports, Documents, and Maps. Of course, you’ll need to bring passports, airline tickets, reservation confirmations, and all necessary documentation for your trip. 
  2. Pack Light. Paris was built for pedestrians, and many French people and tourists alike choose to stroll around the city or take the Metro or a bus rather than a taxi. Small bags or backpacks with a few items work best in an environment filled with narrow staircases, small elevators, and many transportation changes. Most French train stations do not have station lockers for luggage, so packing light is always a better idea in order to reduce the weight of the items you’ll be carrying. For walking around town during the day, a light sling bag that can transition from day to night is the best way to keep a few valuables close at hand.
  1. Pack Fashionably. Although casual dress in Paris is the norm, the French definition of “casual” is generally on the conservative side, and the French tend to favor neutral or dark colors. To blend in, try packing some casually chic outfits and remember the general rule that simple is better. Stylish but comfortable footwear is a must for handling strolls around Paris or day trips to surrounding towns. Remember to test footwear before packing to ensure that shoes are broken in and comfortable.
  1. Bring a French phrasebook. For a truly enjoyable experience, a good French phrasebook (or a French phrasebook app) will come in handy for polite conversation in restaurants and sightseeing locations.
  1. Convert to Euros. Before you leave, be sure to have some pocket money converted to Euros, but not too much as pick-pocketing can be an issue in some areas. When you arrive in France, you may want to buy a bottle of water at the airport, for example, and currency exchange shops there don’t always offer the best exchange rates. ATMs at French airports may charge a fee for withdrawals.
  1. Bring Tech Gadgets and Gear. France is one of the most photographed countries in the world for good reason, so bring a good digital camera or a phone with a great camera, and spare memory cards or choose our photography package. 

Luxury France Travel Tours Your Way

Lugos Travel offers luxury travel packages to France designed to eliminate stressful planning. To get started planning your bespoke luxury adventure to France, contact Lugos Travel. We’ll tailor a travel package just for you, taking care of the details so that you can relax and look forward to the vacation of a lifetime.

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