How to Maximize the Fun on a Short Getaway

Do you need to relieve some stress? It might be time for a short getaway, such as a long weekend. Eighty-seven percent of workers believe that a three-day weekend trip relieves stress more than an extended vacation, so this is just what you need to get back on track. Follow some tips to help you maximize the fun when you embark on a short getaway.

Keep the Travel Circle Tight

A long weekend isn’t the time to jump on a plane to go to Paris or take a cross-country road trip. Keep your travel circle tight, so you don’t drive more than three or four hours for your trip. Three or four hours is far enough to provide a new place to explore without putting much time, effort, or energy into the journey. If you drive for longer, you run the risk of wearing yourself down, which will reduce the quality of the trip.

What to Do If You Need to Extend the Circle

While keeping your travel circle tight is ideal, you might really want to visit a spot that’s five or six hours away. If you do this, you need to make your travel day more fun. Leave early in the morning and pick a nice restaurant or attraction to visit three or four hours into the trip. Then, you’ll feel refreshed and energized as you drive the rest of the way. Try to think of it like the journey is the destination.

Find a Point of Interest

If you had days or weeks to spend at a destination, you could fill your itinerary with numerous points of interest. However, you want to destress and maximize your time on your long weekend, so pick one thing that grabs your interest. This will be the main event. Then look for several lesser things you can do to pad your days. These smaller attractions or activities should be within 20 minutes of your lodging and easily accessible.

Choose the Best Restaurants

When you embark on a short getaway, food plays a starring role in your trip. A nice meal can elevate even the most basic of trips. While you might be inclined to search Yelp or Google reviews for a restaurant, those sites can only tell you so much.

If you use custom concierge services, an expert can provide recommendations from world-renowned chefs. You simply tell the concierge what food you like, and he or she will create a list of chef-approved options.

If you forgo the concierge services, you can still find a great meal on your trip by asking the locals. Start by eating lunch at a local restaurant and asking your server for recommendations. Servers want to provide the best experience possible, so most will go out of their way to recommend a place you’ll love. To do that, they’ll ask you a series of questions about your taste. However, if the server just names off some places without asking questions, you’ll need to look for information elsewhere. That server is only providing generic recommendations that you could find with a quick online search.

When you embark on a short getaway, food plays a starring role in your trip. A nice meal can elevate even the most basic of trips.

If that happens, consider stopping by a bar for a cocktail later in the day, asking the bartender. You can also ask locals when you’re exploring the city. Choose locals who seem to have the same interests as you. For instance, if you are enjoying the same activity as a local, it’s an excellent time to ask for a restaurant recommendation.

Create a Schedule

You want to optimize the time you have on your vacation, so it’s a good idea to create a schedule, or have one made for you. On day one, travel to your destination and have a nice dinner. Day two is the main event. Enjoy the main attraction or activity you planned. Then you can fill the afternoon with some of the smaller activities you selected, such as going to the beach or taking a nice hike in the mountains. After a fun-filled day, enjoy another wonderful dinner.

When you wake up on day three, start it off with a succulent breakfast. Then you’ll be ready to drive back home.

Destress With a Short Getaway

The world can seem so stressful right now, so a short getaway might be just what you need. You can take off on a short adventure, recharge your batteries, and be home in a few days. Try to stick to an area within four hours of your home and pick the main attraction along with some small activities. Find the best restaurants to eat at, and create a schedule, so you can optimize the fun.

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