Five Reasons to Enjoy the Adventures of Great Britain

Featuring some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world, Great Britain is a dream destination for many and a favorite place to return for even well-seasoned travelers. Lugos Travel specializes in luxury travel to the United Kingdom and Ireland, crafting well-tailored itineraries for the most curious and discerning explorers. Here are five reasons we recommend getting acquainted with both the famous attractions and hidden gems of Great Britain.

1. Stunning Landscapes

The truly extraordinary scenery and unspoiled countryside of the United Kingdom is arguably its main attraction, leading many to take in its wonders and relax in its boundless beauty. Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park is a treasure worth savoring, and Achnashellach Forest and the Isle of Skye delight both young and old. Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway thrills as one of the seven wonders of the world; Ireland’s natural areas helped secure its spot on the list of the World’s 20 Most Beautiful Countries by Rough Guide readers in 2017, with scenic places such as the Dark Hedges, Carrick-a-rede rope bride, and the gorgeous Glens of Antrim amazing even the most seasoned travelers.

2. Abundant Prehistoric and Medieval Locations

Great Britain’s spectacular prehistoric sites continue to delight visitors; from the prehistoric Britons, Gaels, Celts, and Picts through the Vikings, Romans, and Normans, waves of conquerors and immigrants have shaped the UK in fascinating ways. Mount Sandel in Northern Ireland is the country’s oldest prehistoric location, with carbon dating indicating an age of over 9,000 years, and Scotland’s multiple prehistoric areas are ripe for exploration. For those that prefer historical context, the Museum of London provides hundreds of artifacts from Britain’s oldest eras, including exhibits that detail London’s historical journey following the withdrawal of the Roman Administration in 410 AD.

3. Urban and Municipal Adventures

Although everyone knows that London is one of the world’s most exciting cities, it’s typically just the first stop on a tour of fabulous urban and rural locations. The UK’s cities and towns have a lot to offer visitors—from Aberdeen to Edinburgh to Belfast, amazing food, medieval passageways, and lively art scenes beckon.

4. Multi-Layered Cultural Wonders

London is a treasure trove of cultural experiences, from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Piccadilly Circus. Visitors to London can take in the Horse Guards, the Changing of the Guard, the Tower of London, and the Crown of Jewels; Scotland’s Firth of Forth boasts the impressive Forth Railway Bridge, one of the greatest achievements of the Victorian Age. And no visit to Northern Ireland would be complete without experiencing traditional Irish oral storytelling at one of the many local pubs and festivals.

5. Great Storybook Architecture

Luxury travel in the UK typically centers around Great Britain’s impressive architecture; fairy tale castles, majestic cathedrals, and well-tended estates are some of the most-visited and sought-after attractions in the UK. Scotland’s Glamis Castle, the childhood home of late HM Queen Elizabeth, Ireland’s Duneseverick and Culzean castles, and London’s Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey all provide classic storybook charm and delightful wonder.

Lugos Travel is proud to deliver the beauty and charm of bespoke luxury travel in the UK and Ireland to those who seek the very best experiences that Great Britain has to offer. Now is the best time to plan your trip to the UK and Ireland with Lugos Travel ensuring all aspects are truly exceptional. Contact us online or call 646-930-4496.

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