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If you’ve never traveled with Lugos Travel, you haven’t yet experienced the stress-free, unadulterated luxury of a vacation that will leave you relaxed and invigorated upon your return.

As busy professionals and parents with demanding, jam-packed schedules, there is little time and energy to spend planning every detail of an unforgettable trip for your loved ones. Studies show that Americans may have to spend anywhere between forty and sixty hours simply researching accommodations, logistics, available outings, restaurants and more before they even get to the point of researching prices and booking reservations. No wonder so many are ready to have it all done for them by our travel experts! 

At Lugos Travel, everything needed for luxury Maldives travel is built around our clients. We assist our discerning clientele, who expect experienced tour guides, top level logistics, and fully curated, distinctive hotels. In addition, we offer the help of a 24-hour concierge should any questions or a change of plans arise. 

Where else can you and your family enjoy an evening of entertainment featuring a traditional BoduBeru drumming show or Balinese dance? This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become immersed in the culture and magic of the Maldives. 

On Huvahendhoo island, the weather remains fairly constant year round, with light breezes and little precipitation. There is really no “bad” time to visit the Maldives; however, their peak season is in the winter months, where temperatures average in the mid 80’s. We invite you to pack your favorite sunscreen!

Impeccable over-the-water villas will make you feel like you just stepped onto a romantic movie set, while modern amenities like WiFi allow you to keep in touch with the outside world. Photographs cannot truly do this island justice. The lush greenery surrounded by various colors of blue ocean must be seen to be believed. The surf is gentle: waves generally run shoulder-high, so they are not overwhelming. 

Check Out the Fishing

The Indian Ocean is home to a great diversity of undersea life. In fact, fishing is one of the main vocations of many native islanders. Others offer tourists the chance to catch the famous “Giant Trevally” fish, which can weigh up to eighty pounds. Their fishing methods, jigging and popping, are equally effective in catching these monsters that swim among the coral reefs. 

For those wishing to swim among the fish instead of catching them, there are abundant opportunities to snorkel and even scuba dive on your trip. It all comes down to this: What do YOU want to do with your vacation time? With Lugos Travel, the hardest part for you will be deciding what to pack for your carefree trip to paradise!

Book an exceptional luxury trip to the Maldives with nothing to do but enjoy every minute. Our travel experts handle every detail, while you de-stress. Why wait? Now is the perfect time to have us plan your dream vacation. Contact Lugos Travel, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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