Experience the Lugos Travel Difference on Your Ultimate Vacation to Spain

Are you overworked? Stressed out between work, family obligations, and home upkeep? You deserve a vacation that allows you to relax and recharge! For most people, the thought of planning, organizing, and scheduling the logistics of an international trip is overwhelming. That’s where Lugos Travel comes in — our goal is to make your trip truly stress-free. 

Your ultimate vacation begins with requesting a no-obligation, personalized quote and itinerary, available in minutes by visiting Lugos Travel’s website.

Your luxury travel experience in Spain begins with checking out the options at Lugos Travel. You’ll choose from a fifteen-day journey to Seville, Cordoba, Granada & Malaga; a twelve-day tour of Barcelona, Madrid, & Seville; a twelve-day trip to Bilbao, Salamanca & Madrid; or a ten-day vacation to Barcelona, Valencia, & Alicante. So many choices, so little time! And speaking of time, you won’t have to spend hours or even days researching itineraries, logistics and hotels. Lugos Travel’s experts will do all the work for you to plan a perfect vacation in Spain

Lugos Travel is Dedicated to You!

Our founder and Chief Adventurer, Shane Mahoney, is dedicated to providing concierge-level vacations that serve to enlighten you, not burden you. He has created a unique niche in the travel industry for busy working professionals to enjoy their leisure time without worrying about all the details. Our “essential tour” starts with the basics and allows you to add and customize your luxury Spain travel experience to your particular needs, while keeping the process as simple as possible. This is especially important when it comes to international travel, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a newbie. Every vacation begins with transportation provided from your home to the airport. We like to say, “Just pack your bags and wait by the door!” Upon landing, you won’t have to look for a taxi or an Uber; you’ll be greeted by your driver who will take you to your four star (or higher) hotel. Every breakfast is included, and a sumptuous welcome dinner awaits. 

We offer “explore,” “excite” and “savor” packages also, for those who’ve dreamed of a helicopter ride to see Barcelona from the sky, or of experiencing a master tapas lesson, or showing off their budding sommelier skills with a wine tasting in one of the countries known worldwide for its spectacular vintages. 

The Luxury Spain Travel Adventure You’ve Dreamed About

You’ll visit at least three cities, with three local English-speaking guides for your private tours to make sure you don’t miss any of their best kept secrets. Your local guides are also an excellent resource to recommend their favorite shopping areas and restaurants for your leisure time. And don’t worry, your itinerary will allow for plenty of leisure time — you won’t be on a nonstop tour of every church and cathedral in Spain. You’ll experience another delectable farewell dinner before you’re taken back to the airport for your journey home, filled with incredible memories and lots of photographs to show off! Fortunately, when you arrive home, you’ll be rested, energized, and ready to get back to work without feeling like you need to take another week off to recover. Let Lugos Travel become your go-to experts for your next unforgettable luxury Spain travel adventure.

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