Experience Luxury Travel to Greece the Lugos Travel Way!

Beautiful beaches, clear turquoise water, golden sunsets, delectable food, gorgeous weather, and profound culture and history all define luxury travel to Greece. Whether it’s a honeymoon or a family vacation, Greece is an idyllic location for luxury, entertainment, relaxation, and learning. With Lugos Travel, discerning vacationers can experience Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini exactly the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

People take vacations to get away from work and stress. But in most cases, people plan vacations themselves and spend hours researching flights, transportation, and activities. Lugos Travel takes all of that stress and frustration out of the equation with personalized, bespoke itineraries that ensure that the only thing travelers need to do is enjoy. Lugos Travel offers pampered categories such as personal shopping and room upgrades, as well as excitement categories such as a private Jeep safari experience on the island of Mykonos or a sunset sea kayak and snorkeling outing on the island of Santorini. Each Lugos Travel experience is completely unique and tailored to our client’s interests and requests to ensure the vacation adventure of a lifetime.

What’s more, travelers can request a proposal from Lugos Travel’s website and have a fully customized vacation plan available in less than an hour. Lugos Travel is the only company that offers this personalized service with this timetable, and the proposal is good for any dates in the year, which means that travelers do not need to know their travel dates upfront. Lugos Travel has eliminated travel issues! Whether it’s private transfers to hotels and airports, restaurant reservations, event and museum tickets, private guided tours, or 24-hour concierge service for the duration of the trip, Lugos Travel has it covered.

Relax on pristine Greek island beaches and swim in the clear turquoise water, or rent a jet ski or fly board for an adventure to remember. Sunbathe and snorkel in private bays such as the famous volcanic hot springs, or take a five-hour catamaran sunset cruise featuring famous Greek dishes and fresh seafood. Breathtaking panoramic views and hand-selected luxury hotels complete this first-class island experience.

In Athens, enjoy a private guided tour of the city while immersed in the history and of ancient Athens. Visit the Acropolis, including the Parthenon, the Propylea, the Erechtheion, and the temple of Athena Nike. Visit the new Acropolis museum, the Roman Temple of Olympic Zeus, and the Panathinaikon Stadium, the site of the first Olympic Games in 1896. See the Catholic Cathedral, the Academy, and the National Library while enjoying marvelous architecture and monuments. Vibrant entertainment and exquisite local cuisine round out a perfect tour of culture and beauty.

Lugos Travel’s professionals carefully create travel itineraries and offer first-class attention to detail. We want to personalize your vacation for the ultimate luxury experience, and we offer customization options to let you experience luxury travel to Greece your way. Contact Lugos Travel and let us take care of all the travel details, so that we can craft the ultimate bespoke vacation to Greece today.

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