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Feeling Burned Out?

If you’re working too hard and cannot seem to slow down or get a break, it’s time to take a vacation. You may think you can’t afford it, but you really can’t afford not to! Why not take that long-awaited luxury trip to South America? Do some exploring, and just get away from it all! You deserve it!

Health Benefits of a Vacation

Research has shown time and again that taking a vacation improves a person’s life immeasurably. Both physical and mental health are enhanced when you take time away from work, relax and explore different lands during a luxury vacation. You will return feeling refreshed and motivated. Your performance on the job will be improved and even your work and family relationships will be enriched. 

No Travel Headaches When You Work with Lugos Travel

When you trust Lugos Travel to handle your luxury trip to South or Central America, the hassle factor is totally eliminated. Sit back, relax, and let the experts at Lugos Travel dot every “I” and cross every “T.” The staff at Lugos Travel are all well-versed in planning luxury trips of a lifetime that don’t have to break the bank. Don’t let your budget get in the way of that much-needed getaway. The Lugos Travel experts have many years of experience and on-site knowledge about a plethora of destinations including South and Central America. Find your luxury trip planning experts at Lugos Travel and take the first step to turn your dreamed-of vacation into a reality.

The Galápagos Islands – An Exceptional Wildlife Experience

The Galápagos Islands rest in the Pacific Ocean, just over 600 miles west of the northern part of South America. There are over a dozen islands with islets and rock formations, and wildlife is prevalent for visitors to enjoy. If you love exploring nature, this is the perfect spot for your luxury South America travel adventure. Lugos Travel will arrange your schedule to kayak, paddleboard, hike, or snorkel in this beautiful, natural location. Your Lugos travel partner will also ensure that you are indulged in luxury accommodations and that you dine in style at local restaurants with indigenous meals fit for a king. 


Dine the way you want to when Lugos Travel plans your trip. If you are a gourmet food aficionado, your travel planner at Lugos Travel will customize your vacation package to include dinners in Central or South America where you are greeted by name. Enjoy dining spots with delectable fare, allowing you to immerse yourself in the region’s food and culture. 

Seafood and exotic fruits are plentiful, and some of the best beer is found in South America. If you’re not a beer fancier, try Canelazo, a signature drink of South America made from sugar cane alcohol. Nonalcoholic drinks are plentiful as well, because many varieties of fresh, tropical fruit juices are found in Ecuador and The Galápagos Islands. Imagine relaxing and sipping on tropical beverages while enjoying your luxury South American travel of a lifetime.

Totally Customized Travel Packages from Lugos Travel

Lugos Travel can pamper you and your travel companion(s) by arranging personal shopping trips, excursions like snorkeling, and specialized dining. Just a click away, you can request your proposal, and you’ll have an individualized trip itinerary at your fingertips in minutes, not hours or days. Lugos Travel is known for its prompt response, so you can get yourself in vacation mode now with no complications or headaches in planning. 

The Time is Now

Explore what’s possible by contacting Lugos Travel, and you will enjoy a well-deserved break from the daily grind. You’re worth it!

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