Don’t Fret About the Details – Let the Travel Professionals Handle Your Luxury France Vacation

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling to France for a hard-earned vacation, there’s no need to be fearful of planning what you’ve dreamed of. The key is working with the unparalleled staff members at Lugos Travel. Our seasoned luxury France travel professionals at Lugos Travel will listen to your every wish regarding your trip, and custom-build an itinerary that will surprise and delight you and your travel companion(s). 

No Two Itineraries are Alike

Rather than scheduling all the expected French sights into every customer’s trip, our travel professionals at Lugos Travel form relationships with our discerning clients to customize their exclusive itinerary which results in matchless experiences and exceptional, long-lasting memories. 

You’ve Worked Hard and You Deserve the Best

There is no need to waste time worrying about how your dream vacation will ‌come about. All the excursions, transfers and accommodations are expertly handled when working with your Lugos Travel expert. Because Lugos Travel has been in business for a decade, our knowledge of the various regions in France — and the partnerships we have formed with local businesses for exquisite encounters while touring France — are, without a doubt, worth their weight in gold. 

Let our Lugos Travel professionals do the heavy lifting planning your journey to France so you and your travel mates can sit back and relax, taking in each sight, each landscape and each happening for the very best French vacation you can imagine.

Eiffel Tower

Of course, all first-time travelers want to visit the Eiffel Tower when visiting France. With great photo opportunities and lots of history, visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must for most travelers. Located a short distance from Paris Point Zero at Notre Dame Cathedral, these two iconic sites can be easily worked into your exclusive luxury vacation to France. Because of the catastrophic fire at Notre Dame in April of 2019, extensive renovation is ongoing, and travelers are, unfortunately, not able to view the interior, but they can still visit the cathedral square, which overlooks the entrance and the crypt. 

Take in the Plethora of Sights and History on the Banks of the Seine

Commonly known as the birthplace of Paris, the Seine River takes travelers back in time, imagining decades of history. With lots of walking trails where vehicles are banned, travelers can take in the beautiful architecture, famous buildings and the many beautiful bridges. 

The Palais du Louvre is an exceptional destination on the Seine, offering not only the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, but a myriad of other famous paintings, plus an exquisite garden and sculptures, such as Venus de Milo, believed to be the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Our Lugos Travel experts make your visits hassle-free with their experience and awareness of tidbits such as the various restaurants, cafés, and takeout spots contained inside the Louvre. Because of its enormity, it’s a sure bet travelers will need to take a break and enjoy some food and beverages, and Lugos Travel pros can recommend the restaurant that will best match your tastes, both at the Louvre and throughout the rest of Paris and France!

Work with the Absolute Best Professionals at Lugos Travel

Your luxury trip to France will not be unoriginal or predictable when partnering with Lugos Travel. Our travel experts work in tandem with each and every customer to gain knowledge and understanding of their interests and desires for the perfect trip. Contact Lugos Travel today and leave every detail to us for the ultimate getaway to France.

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