5 Ways to Reach Your Destination in Style

“Getting there is half the fun.” This old adage feels less and less true in our modern, often frenzied, travel landscape. Long lines, overcrowded planes, poor dining options, mediocre service – all of these challenges can make getting to the destination feel like a chore. 

But savvy luxury travelers know that there are ways of getting from Point A to Point B that won’t leave you feeling drained. In fact, the right modes of transport are destinations unto themselves, and can serve as the central feature in your exceptional vacation. Here are five ways to reach your destination in style:

Make the Transatlantic Crossing via the Queen Mary 2

If you’re planning to travel between the U.S. and Europe, consider booking a berth on the Queen Mary 2. Part of the famed and fabled Cunard Line fleet, the Queen Mary 2 is a luxurious ocean liner that offers travelers the rare opportunity to enjoy a bygone era of travel between the continents. Spend the seven-day voyage perusing her on-board art gallery, enjoying nightly entertainment including live music and multi-course meals, or simply grabbing a sunny seat on the deck to gaze upon the blue expanse of the North Atlantic. 

You can book a one-way or round trip transatlantic crossing, with the latter being an excellent option for those who are planning longer term travel. Ending the east to west crossing in New York Harbor in the early hours of the morning with the city and the Statue of Liberty glistening on the horizon is an awe-inspiring travel bucket list experience. 

Charter Your Own Private Jet

Many travelers never consider flying by private jet. Maybe they think it’s a luxury reserved only for the likes of billionaires, celebrities, and royalty. Or maybe they’re unfamiliar with how to go about chartering such a flight. And while the extreme exclusivity of private jet travel might have been true at one time, today, it’s more accessible than ever – a viable option for a wide swath of travelers. 

For those who work a private jet into their travel logistics the rewards are plenty: increased comfort, privacy, security, and amenities. NetJets and Jettly are just two of the increasing number of accessible private jet companies in operation.  

Not ready for a private jet, but still want an upgraded airport experience? If you’re flying commercial you can still work with a concierge service to move quickly through security, access the first class lounge, and even ride to the airplane in a separate boarding process. Adding this feature to your trip is easy and available at 300 airports worldwide. 

Ride the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express through Europe

The availability of cheap flights and a functioning rail network mean getting around Europe has never been easier. But if you’re looking to make the travel part of the experience, why not indulge in the romance and luxury of the historic Orient Express? The train itself is an art deco masterpiece, and the on-board service is exceptional. Classic routes include London-Venice and Paris-Istanbul, but you can also book shorter trips between just two cities if you’re pressed for time. 

And if you enjoyed your elevated rail experience in Europe, your next stop should be similar trains in other bucket list locations, including the Denali Star Train in Alaska and the Rocky Mountaineer from Moab to Denver. Luxury trans-country or continent lines are also available in Canada, China, South Africa, and Asia.

Book the Airlines’ Best First-Class Accommodations 

As airlines compete for luxury travelers, they are upping their First Class cabin experiences. And lay flat beds are just the beginning. Singapore Airlines offers First Class Suites – individual cabins that provide complete privacy. Etihad Airways has its “Residences” experience, which includes three rooms to spread out in during your flight. 

And while not a fully enclosed suite option (there’s a privacy curtain, vs. doors on Singapore and Etihad), Air France’s “La Première” offers travelers an extraordinary experience, complete with fine French dining, luxury tarmac transfers, and chic exclusivity. 

Hire a Private Yacht to Tour the Greek Islands

Private yacht rentals are an exceptional way to experience a water-centric destination. For example, you could get around to the various Greek Islands via the many ferries, domestic flights, and tour boats that operate in the area. Or, you could hire your own private yacht. Personalize your Grecian experience by choosing the islands you’d like to visit, the time you spend in each location, and by working with your own private chef to design a menu and a drinks list. Larger traveling groups (multiple couples, for example) will especially enjoy this option, as it allows for a more intimate and private island experience. 

No matter where you’re headed, Lugos Travel can find the right private yacht for you. The Caribbean, the French Riviera, and Thailand are some of the locations we recommend. 

We’ll Help You Get There in Style

If you’d like to add luxury transport to your travel package, just let us know. We’ll take care of the research, planning, and booking, so you can enjoy an exclusive travel experience, from start to finish. Lugos Travel has been helping clients book luxurious travel since 2011, and our travel designers are experts in arranging luxury transport. Email us at to get your personalized trip started today. 

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