5 Reasons Why a Luxury Travel Expert Should Plan Your Next Trip

The Internet ushered in a new age of travel planning, as do-it-yourself trip-booking sites emerged and grew in popularity. Suddenly, travelers didn’t need to use an agent to reserve flights, hotels, and experiences – they could plan an entire getaway without even speaking to another human being. 

But should they?

Basic booking sites certainly have a role to play in the travel industry. They’re useful for arranging a quick business trip, or renting a car for local errands. In other words: impersonal travel needs. 

If you’re looking to have a travel experience, however – and especially a luxury and stress-free one – you need to step away from the generic online booking sites, and find a dedicated travel professional to help you instead. Here are 5 reasons why a luxury travel expert should plan your next trip:

They Do the Work for You

Your life is busy enough. Work, family, friends, maintaining a home, responsibilities – traveling should be an opportunity to either escape all of this, or enjoy quality time with loved ones even more. Too often, it becomes an obligation to take on additional tasks, leaving you extra stressed before, during, and even after your trip. 

Don’t add anything more to your growing to-do list, or waste time searching impersonal travel websites for critical information. An experienced travel expert is familiar with all of the big picture considerations (what’s doable with your timeline, when are the best times to visit a certain location) as well as the smaller details that are critical to a successful trip (how to obtain a visa, the best way to travel from the airport to your hotel).

When you leave the reservations, itinerary, and special touches to a travel expert, your only responsibility is to show up and enjoy. 

Bottom line: A truly luxurious and relaxing vacation is one you don’t have to plan yourself.

They Will Create a Personalized Getaway 

Expedia and Orbitz see you as an algorithm, but a dedicated travel planner will see you as an individual, and will know how to set up the perfect itinerary to match your unique wants and needs. 

Let’s say you’re a couple looking for an adults-only resort in the Caribbean where you can snorkel on-site and that serves plenty of vegetarian food options. Or you’re a group of friends looking to reconnect somewhere that offers group-sized lodging with easy access to a spa and nighttime entertainment. 

Expert travel planners know exactly how and where to find specific travel options. And unlike a website, they actually get to know you on a human level, which means they will also arrange or suggest extras that fit your personality and style. 

You Will Benefit from Their Worldwide Relationships 

Professionals in the travel planning industry develop strong relationships with travel providers all over the world. Resort and B&B owners, restaurant managers, yacht rental companies, specialized tour guides – if you want to book it, they likely know just who to contact. 

Many of these relationships are with boutique, historic, or exclusive properties, giving you access to experiences that might not appear on the big sites. 

And because their relationships with the providers are personal, they’re in a position to ask for extras and experiences that might not be advertised elsewhere. Hidden gem restaurants, which area of the property is the most quiet, what days are best for specific activities – a luxury travel expert is your inside track to exclusive places, activities, perks, and events.

They are Experience-Oriented vs. Budget-Oriented

Mega travel booking sites are obsessed with price. They’ll point you to the least expensive flights, low-cost hotels, and “cheapest” days to travel. 

But if you’re not a budget traveler, why are you planning your vacation using budget travel tools? 

When you work with a luxury travel expert, you work with someone who understands your preference to focus on trip quality vs. trip price. They (and you) know that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best “deal.” That inexpensive hotel room? Maybe it’s because it has a view of the property’s parking lot. 

Of course, a professional travel planner will take cost into consideration where it’s warranted. For example, you might prefer to spend reasonably on lodging so you can spend with abandon on exceptional dining experiences. But they also understand that, unlike so many travelers today, your #1 priority isn’t the price. 

They are Invested in Your Travel Success

Luxury travel experts do more than plan your ultimate trip. They also see it through to the end, providing support during and even after your vacation. They’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, assist in case of travel disruptions, and track post-trip needs.  

Bottom line: today’s luxury travel professionals are not yesterday’s travel agents. They provide holistic trip management, concierge-style. 

When you book with a faceless budget website, there’s no one to contact with questions, needed adjustments, or assistance in case of an emergency. Rest easy with a travel planner that has your back and works to make your trip stress-free from start to finish. 

Ready to Work with a Luxury Travel Expert?

We know that after years of booking your own travel online, you might think you don’t need the service of a travel professional. We also know that if you give it a try and work with us to design your next dream getaway, you’ll never go back! See what our current clients have to say about working with us. [add link to reviews here].

Our travel team will arrange your itinerary down to the last detail and ensure your vacation is crafted exactly how you want it – and 100% stress-free.

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