3 Things You Gain When You Hire a Luxury Travel Planner

Maybe you’ve gotten used to booking your own travel. It’s easy, right? Sign on to an Internet flight/hotel/rental car site, see the best “deals,” book. 

But have you ever thought about what you’re giving up in that process?

Turns out, you’re giving up a lot. The instant-book culture of travel planning has turned what should be a relaxing, restorative, luxurious experience into a cold, impersonal transaction. 

And the best “deals” often just result in sub-par experiences with lackluster results. At the end of the day, that allegedly easy website just robbed you of the travel experience you deserve. 

Enter, luxury travel planners. When you’re looking for a true vacation (or an adventure, or a trip, or an escape – whatever takes you somewhere…else), letting an expert make the plans is the smartest way to go. Need convincing? Here are 4 things you gain when you hire a luxury travel planner:

Time (and Money)

When you hire a travel planner vs. doing the work yourself, yes, you’re paying for those services. But in the process, you’re saving your own time, energy, frustration, indecision, etc. And what’s that worth? 

Frankly, we think your time alone is worth a lot. It’s a non-renewable resource, and in our modern world, time is also money.  

Arranging your own travel is incredibly stressful – even something seemingly simple like booking an airline ticket is a minefield of costly mistakes. There are so many options and so many factors that you’re bound to end up with an imperfect itinerary. Add in the complicated COVID landscape, and many travelers are simply giving up and staying home. 

You’ll save your time and get back out there when you hire a luxury travel planner. Here’s how it works at Lugos Travel:

  1. First, you have a consultation call with a member of our travel planning team to discuss your trip goals, must-haves, and wish list. 
  2. Then, our travel team gets to work doing the work for you – our extensive knowledge of the travel industry and countless destinations means we can identify the perfect resorts, activities, and experiences based on your needs. 
  3. Lastly, you travel in style, with a carefully curated itinerary in hand, and a travel professional by your side – call us in case of any needed changes or unforeseen disruptions and we’ll take care of it for you. 

And don’t forget that travel websites and budget brokers love to hide fees and surcharges for add-ons in their pricing. That cheap trip could actually cost you a lot of money, with little return. An experienced luxury travel planner will give you the price up-front, and make sure you get top value for whatever you pay.

Access to Exclusive Experiences

Luxury travel planners have the connections and know-how to get you into experiences that the basic travel websites simply can’t offer. Here at Lugos Travel, we partner with Confirmed 360 – a premium booking company – to get you front row seats, backstage access, VIP lounges, and meet and greets at concerts, sporting events, and other activities. 

Want to sit front row at your favorite band’s concert, and meet them afterward, but don’t know how to make that happen? Our travel professionals can set that up for you. This kind of access simply isn’t available through the most-used travel websites and services. 

Here are some other examples of the exclusive access Lugos Travel can arrange for you and your traveling party:

  • Concierge service with private TSA, at select airports
  • Private jet charters
  • Luxury airport transfers 
  • Unrivaled sports access – from meeting professionals, private parties, and on-field experiences
  • Private tours, tastings, and visits

In short, luxury travel planners are privy to opportunities and exclusivities that might not be advertised elsewhere. Or that you simply don’t know how to (or don’t have time to) arrange yourself. When they manage your trip, you’ll gain access to these hidden perks as well. 

World Class Customer Service from Start to Finish

When you book your trip through an impersonal website, who do you call when something goes wrong? Or when you need to make unexpected changes or additions to your itinerary? In most cases, you’re simply out of luck. You might even waste hours on the phone trying to connect with customer service (Delta airlines is currently experiencing a call center crisis, for example).

When you hire a luxury travel planner, they take care of every change, addition, or unexpected disruption for you. No waiting on hold, no battling with unresponsive travel websites. 

And the personalized service lasts from start to finish. From booking the travel and adjusting the itinerary as needed, to managing mid-travel disruptions or needs, to ensuring a smooth return home and handling any remaining details (tracking down items left in a hotel room, for example) – you’ll have world class customer service throughout the entire experience. 

Managing your own travel changes and disruptions is draining, and takes away from your rest and relaxation (or adventure!) time. Leave the stress to someone else so you can focus on enjoying your getaway. 

How to Hire a Luxury Travel Planner

Working with a luxury travel planner generally starts out with a request for a consultation. Our team at Lugos Travel will arrange a no-cost first call with you to discuss your travel needs and wants and let you know how we can meet them. 

If you’ve spent years struggling with online travel booking sites, or not getting the kind of personalized experience out of your trips that you’d like, we’re confident you’ll love working with us. And we look forward to giving you the dream getaway you deserve.

Contact us here to get started. 

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