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We design luxury tour packages for busy professional couples and families to deliver unique experiences. Trips of a lifetime, every time. If you are a traveler who demands excellence, you’re on the right track. Search our tours, and don’t forget to enrich your experience with some of the best and most interesting options.

Included with every custom travel tour, we plan every detail small and large to ensure you are well taken care of. Do you love surprises? We do too. There’s only one way to find out though. From the moment you leave your doorstep, to the moment you return, Lugos Travel is your choice for traveling well.


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Curated luxury tour travel packages that highlight the best of the best.
Our service begins the moment you leave your house. Each package includes everything you need.
Pack your bags and we’ll do the rest. Lugos Travel is VIP luxury travel that speaks without saying a word.

24 Hr. Concierge Service

We are with you every step of the way. No details are too small. Keep your worries at home, and put us to the test!

Professional Photography

Twice during your tour we will have a professional photographer capture the moment for you. No need for selfies, just enjoy yourself!

Professional Private Tour Guides

Our personal travel tour guides are there for you, and only you. We include skip-the-line access and knowledgeable guides to maximize the value of your tours. Travel well!

Sandra Wallace
Sandra W.
Shane planned a vacation for my 40th birthday and made it the most memorable birthday yet! He made coordinating plans for 10 people look effortless and handled the one minor hiccup with ease. From helping to choose the location to booking and arranging for transportation to and from the airport, Shane took care of everything. I highly recommend Lugos Travel if you are looking for the trip of a lifetime.
Ramón Tormos
Ramón T.
Andy Williams
Andy W.
Shane planned and delivered an amazing vacation for seven of us. We went to amazing destinations and had unparalleled experiences with local guides in Costa Rica. Highly recommend Lugos Travel.
Darren Tamayo
Darren T.
The 3 best trips I've been on have all had Lugos Travel involved. Shane Mahoney has consistently been able to talk us into doing things outside of our comfort zone that end up being our favorite parts of the trip. We were put in the position to get a proper cultural experience whether it be Costa Rica (honeymoon), Spain (running with the bulls), or Italy (friends' wedding). We had all of our tours, transfers, and hotels arranged by Lugos so all that we had to decide was where would be the best place to eat that day- which is my favorite part.On all of my trips with Lugos there has been some mystery leading up to departure. I prefer to know details long before (especially when spending this amount of money 3-6 months before departure) so that aspect wasn't my favorite, but you can rest assured that Lugos Travel always finds a way to deliver even if it feels last-minute and unapologetic at times.My advice to any traveler is to own your experience. Lugos is a third-party for your bookings- they do not own the hotel, the taxi, the tours, etc. so the quality of experiences will vary from place to place. Lugos Travel will do 90% of the legwork but there will inevitably come a time where you need to fill in some gaps while travelling so be prepared to roll with the punches. Sometimes you have no choice but to put your faith in the city that you're in, and you'll be surprised with what you get out of it. 10/10 will definitely recommend and use again.
Brianna Phillips
Brianna P.
My sister and I had been dreaming about a vacation to London and Scotland for years and decided that 2018 was the year we'd make it happen! Originally, we thought about planning the trip ourselves, however, this being our first time out of the country we were a little nervous about where to start (where to stay, transportation, etc.). I found Lugos Travel after searching for the most reputable travel companies around and contacted Shane. Not only did I receive a response back from him quickly, but he was absolutely professional and eager to make our dream vacation a reality! We gave him our budget, listed the places that were most important to see during our trip (Warner Bros. Studio Tour, obviously), the dates we were looking at going and he took it from there! He stayed in contact with us through the entire process, made his own recommendations that he thought would make the most of our time/experience and came up with an incredibly professional and detailed itinerary. He walked through each day with us and talked us through any and all transits we had in our journey(we needed all the help we could get with the train system). The hotels he booked for us were not only spectacular, they were located right in the heart of the cities we stayed in! We were blown away by the views from our hotel rooms (we had a clear view of the Tower Bridge right outside the window of our hotel in London) as well as how quickly we could get from point A to point B. Shane also made sure to check-in on us during our trip to ensure that we did not need anything from him. I will say how incredibly reassuring this was to us as we were so new to this whole traveling thing. He also made sure to throw a couple of little surprises in there as well just to add to an already amazing experience! I HIGHLY recommend Lugos Travel if you are looking for a memorable, journey of a lifetime! Not only did he relieve us of the stress of booking and planning, he ensured that our trip was as safe as he could possibly provide for us and has caused us to already begin thinking of the destination for our next trip!
Rita Rosenthal
Rita R.
Shane and Lugos Travel helped plan a memorable trip to Israel. We had a great time thanks to his attention to detail and vetting our guides and accomodations
Bob Ettensohn
Bob E.
Shane did a great job of matching up our likes and needs for our trip to Munich and Prague. Hotels were great and in locations that made everything convenient. The private walking tours for just our family were awesome. Great history with beer stops along the way! Flights connecting both halves of our group went off without a hitch AND at a price that I couldn't have gotten. Will definitely use Lugos for our next trip of a lifetime!
Tim Silvey
Tim S.
I spoke with Shane about taking a trip to NYC and he sent me a questionaire to learn things about me that would help him make my experience in NYC the best it could be. With that, every detail was exceptional. From my itinerary book, the car service that picked me up at the airport, to each event that was booked for me. I have been to NYC several times but I never experienced NYC like I did on this trip! I felt like I was a celebrity! I could not give Lugos Travel enough thanks for a job well done!
Susan Hurlburt
Susan H.
Great experience - customized for us!
Gregg Mays
Gregg M.
Every aspect of our trip to NYC was of the highest level of professionalism. I would recommend this organization to every person who asks me for a travel agent recommendation. Shane understands how to train and guide his staff. The young lady who wrote our itinerary, Ava Williamson, did an amazing job. This was one of the best trips my wife and I have ever taken. Do yourself a favor; let Lakeland Travel Agency/Lugos Travel help you plan your next vacation.
Stephanie Colon
Stephanie C.
Shane takes the guess work out of vacationing. He helped me plan a surprise trip for my daughter to Paris. We had a fabulous time, he had awesome suggestions on what to do and where to go, & eat. We did everything he suggested and it was truly one of the best trips and most of all easy & stress free!
Rebekah Richardson
Rebekah R.
My dad and I had a great trip to England and Scotland! Shane planned the whole week very well and detailed. Would recommend!
Sherrie Sampson
Sherrie S.
We had a great vacation planned by Shane. He took every detail into consideration as we took our honeymoon to Bora Bora. If you are looking to really enjoy your trip and not be concerned about anything besides the itinerary...i would call Shane to plan your next vaca.
Tracie Carley
Tracie C.
Our family had talked about taking a trip for Christmas for years and 2015 was the perfect time for us to finally do it. I contacted Shane and we had a conversation about what we were dreaming of. We had a very short window of dates to choose from and Shane delivered on everything we were hoping for in a holiday cruise! It was the perfect balance of relaxation, romance and adventure for our entire group. I was especially delighted with Shane's attention to detail and willingness to answer all of our questions. He helped us navigate special issues concerning travel with an 80 year old in a wheel chair which set our mind at ease. His years of experience comforted us greatly and there were no unpleasant surprises on board. He thought of everything!We made memories that will last a lifetime with this trip and booking through Shane was an important part of our vacation!
Jolene Herrmann
Jolene H.
I was thoroughly impressed when Lugos Travel planned our annual girls trip! Shane took the stress out of planning a trip to a location we had never visited by making great recommendations, booking an AMAZING hotel and checking in with us to ensure we received top notch service! I highly recommend using Lugos Travel to plan your next trip!
Cristina Martin
Cristina M.
Lugos Travel is AMAZING! Shane will really take care of you and make your travel planning easy and cost effective! They offer so many destinations, all inclusive packages, travel fairs, activities and all the details for your entire trip start to finish. I couldn't ask for more. Planning a large group trip even saves more money. I would recommend Lugos to anyone who's looking for an amazing vacation.
Michael Woodhouse
Michael W.
Lugo's Travel is a 1st Class organization. I always get creative, exciting and most importantly, honest advice and opinions.
Lock Insurance
Lock I.
Shane at Lugos travel put together a package for the 4 of us to New York and it was so nice to have a company do so much research and have things planed out for us expecially since I have never been.
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