The Best Tour Services You’ll Ever Find


At Lugos Travel, we understand that service is the name of the game. All packages come with round-trip private transportation from your clients’ home to the nearest airport so their vacations can start when they leave, not when they get there. Options abound, and no detail is too big or too small. We strive for the best.

We provide beginning-to-end support for Travel Agents to serve the Worldwide market for luxury travel.

We don’t compete, we collaborate. You will have a dedicated agent to talk to about any tour we offer, or any options available. You’ll never waste time explaining yourself again. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, from start to finish.

Provided Services


Planning a complex itinerary can lead to confusion. What is good, and why versus how much and is it worth it? Take the worry away. Every part of every package has been meticulously crafted to highlight the best. We did all the work to make it easy on you!

Our standard package is by no means boring. Each includes great rooms, amazing tours, and and authenticity. Designed to highlight the cultural bests, and without leaving the feeling of being a tourist.

With lots of optional upgrades each trip can be tailor made to your tastes to make your trip even more special.

Ski Equipment

Skiing and Snowboarding in the French Alps is a heady mix of fresh powder, luxury,  and pedigree. With all Winter packages we include all equipment, at demo level, or higher. Helmets included. Safety first.

All ski / snowboard tours begin with an English-speaking private ski guide on the first day on the slopes. This helps to assess your level and better acquaint everyone to the area. Knowing where you are, and where to go is the central part of letting go and having a great time. It’s all part of the service! We want you to have the experience of a lifetime, every time.


Vacations should start when you leave, not when you get there.

All packages include private driver pick-up or drop-off service from home to the nearest airport. (60 mile radius standard). Additionally we provide private transfers to/from each airport and hotel for the duration of tour, and all other major transitions. Comfort, safety, and ease are our goals so that you can enjoy the whole trip.

For those with a wild streak, we offer additional options such as rentals of your choice of car. From Mini to Lamborghini and even classic Jaguars we have the best selection around. Try a Ferrari in Italy, or 2CV in Paris – it’s your World.

For the true gearhead, look at our track package that includes 45 laps on the Spa Forchamps, in our Flowers in Spring Tour


We offer TWO options that stand out because pictures are important. For those who want the best pictures of themselves on vacation, but without having to constantly pose, or ask a stranger to take the shot – try our Hollywood Package. For becoming the next great photographer, try the Intern Package.

  1. Our Hollywood Package includes 4 hours of personal photography services. We hire local photographers to capture those perfect moments together. May be split in 2, 2-hour sessions. Be in the moment, while capturing the moment!
  2. The Intern Package offers a professional photographer for up to 3 hours to help get the best pictures out of your clients’ own camera. Lessons and personal tour included.


Would you like to arrange fresh flowers in the room? Maybe a bottle of champagne, or liquor, some chocolate or fruits? How about tickets to a soccer game, the Tomorrowland festival, or a concert?

Our experts are ready to provide anything from dinner reservation to the unexpected, like a helicopter ride for a Milan shopping trip. We deliver unique personalization options to each of our tours for your ultimate satisfaction.


Standard with all International departures, Lugos Travel includes registration of passengers with the US State Department. Should anything major arise, it’s good to know your country is looking out for you.

Lugos Travel mandates travel insurance protection, and is happy to help arrange it for all passengers. We use TravelGuard Gold Package, but allow any other insurance policies of similar protection.