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Are you a Travel Agent? Create a Lugos Travel Membership and receive access to detailed information including tour pricing, personalized page to send clients, marketing resources, and the ability to begin quoting tours immediately.

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    Offer all of our premium tour packages to your clients. Access tour pricing, details, and options for commissionable or NET pricing.

  • Getting the Word Out

    Lugos Travel makes it easy to keep your clients informed about new tours and available features. We make it easy to succeed!

  • Features and Customizations

    One size doesn’t always fit all. Customize each tour with pre-built features and options your clients will love making group travel feel like FIT.

Lugos Travel takes care of all the details


Easily customize the tour packages to your clients requests with options and features from Lugos Travel.

Ski Equipment

Our tour packages include the equipment and guides to make sure your clients have an amazing time.


Comfort, safety, and fun is our goal with private driver pick-up and drop-off service, airport transfers, and exotic car rentals.


For your clients that want great pictures of their vacation offer photography services or a professional lessons tour.


It’s the little things! Our experts are ready provide anything from dinner reservations to the unexpected.


Provide an umbrella of protection for your clients with US State Department registration and mandatory travel insurance.

What agents say about Lugos Travel

I like how easy the process is, and getting to choose how you’re paid is nice. My clients enjoy the trips, and are coming back for more.Sophia Navarro
Our clients are able to choose their package quickly, and with the information provided, we are able to quote quickly. Michael Rice
Lugos offers the clients fresh, exciting, and out of the box itineraries. Working with Lugos also is a personal experience. You get to know who you are working with and they get to know you.Jane Fencer

The Lugos Travel

With Lugos Travel you are assured that you are providing the highest quality vacation tours to your clients. Every detail from start to finish is considered so your clients can enjoy their vacation without the normal hassles of traveling.

Take the hard work out of creating travel packages and overseeing clients while on their vacations. The experts at Lugos Travel will handle the details.